Tinder : doing it for all my under 6’0 guys out there

Tinder : doing it for all my under 6’0 guys out there

doing it for all my under 6’0 guys out there

By. RatedRGamer

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  1. As someone that’s 5’9, I really find it rare for someone to care about my height.

    Most girls I’ve ever talked to have been like 5’3 ish so I don’t really understand why height is a problem?

  2. Thank you bro, as someone who is 5’ 3 and a half, I appreciate it. If you’re not tall you better be funny af or have the greatest personality lol even then tho

  3. Bruh I’m like 5’6-5’7 M and honestly I never really noticed the struggle in person? Maybe it’s due to me not caring much. But online dating IS much harder if you’re on the shorter side. I’m cool with someone having a preference and being honest about it though.

  4. I’m a girl and lemme tell you it’s nice to have a guy be taller than you… but idk man some girls really take it too far. Kind of rude

    I love my bf and he’s like the same height as me if its not a tiny bit shorter. He knows I would’ve loved it if he was a little taller but I also know he would’ve loved it if I was a little skinnier.
    It’s not only about the outside

  5. I use millimetres for all my dimensions, it sounds much more impressive to say I’m 1780mm tall. Or that my dick is 120mm long

  6. Height shaming men is BODY SHAMING. Ladies, stop! Height ain’t nothing but a number! Stop with the obsessive credentials and be open and date and explore!!! We all come in different shapes and sizes, and that’s what makes “the game” fun and sexy.

  7. I am not in tinder, but I overheard a group of girls talking about dating and how they would rather date a tall dumb guy than a short one. (Their words not mine) Funny they were all very dumpy looking. I think everyone has the right to have their standards but don’t complain when someone calls you out on your own limitations. I think if you are willing to say no, because of a physical attribute be prepare to be rejected for stupid things too.

  8. Why do they think this is okay? Not to only be interested in taller guys – that makes sense I guess – but that it’s apparently acceptable to tel a guy “you are too short for me”?

    Thank fucking god I’m 6’2”, cuz it seems like anyone 5’11” and under is having it rough. And average height is like 5’10”

  9. That’s really messed up but she deserves it lol. Height isn’t everything. My boyfriend is a few inches taller than I am and I’m completely fine with that. What was her response? If she gave any

  10. I think every girl or mostly every girl wants a tall guy because they want to feel that security and protection from a tall guy because obviously no one is going to try to approach someone that is tall and say, « I’m going to beat you up! » It’s just a normal human instinct wanting the stronger male. It’s just like mammals whoever is stronger and bigger gets the girl first because the female wants a strong healthy male so that way there offspring comes out the same.

  11. Height doesn’t matter as much as people think. I’m 192 cm (or 6’3.5 for those of you who don’t understand simplicity), and it has never been helpful. Neither has it for pretty much any other tall guys I know, in fact I can only think of a single tall guy known for sleeping around a bit. I know guys who are 25 cm shorter than me and fat who have women running to them all the time, while I have to really work for it. I always seem to attract the wrong age group. When I was in my late teens I only attracted girls that were way too young, and now it’s the opposite.

  12. I’m 5’0 and honestly I couldn’t care less if a dude is not 6’0. All you gotta do is be like 2 inches taller than me and I’m cool with that

  13. Tall guy here, will date the girl who doesn’t like short dudes and will not call her fat in a petty attempt to project my own insecurities on someone else because, ultimately, women have the right require certain physical traits in the man they choose to sleep with.

  14. I really don’t understand how girls can actually say this to guys seriously. I’m always expecting a “haha just kidding I’m not a dick.” But here we are

  15. It’s funny how women on OLD judge men for something they can’t control but they get pissed when they’re asked about their weight which they can control.

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