Tinder : First tinder hiking date. Need advice.

Tinder : First tinder hiking date. Need advice.

Hey everyone!

So this is the first time ever for me going on a Tinder date (M 22). I have been talking with this girl (F 20) for 2 weeks now. She suggested going for hiking as the first date. I haven’t seen her yet. She is pretty sweet and genuine on texts. Doesn’t seem any suspicious.

I have been hiking only twice before. My question is, how do I go about making conversation with her during the hike and making sure she doesn’t get bored?

Also, how do I build physical chemistry with her during this time? I have been on casual dates before. But I always struggle to go from the friendly talk to building physical chemistry. And hiking seems to add to the challenge.

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  1. Hiking dates are great! It allows for natural lulls in a conversation. When it trails off, just look around and enjoy the surroundings. It’s also great for non-threatening physical contact.. a hand of assistance, hug when you get to the vista, closeness for selfies, etc. I can tell you that if you go into it with low anxiety and a positive attitude, it will serve you well.

    Source: am woman who has had great hiking first dates.

    Also totally agree with the FaceTime. Maybe even meet at a nearby coffee shop or convenience store for drinks/snacks for your hike.

  2. Definitely start with an easy hike that’s close to town. Hopefully somewhere popular with lots of people.

    First date questions. Laugh about it, yeah awkward first date questions, but ask about favorite books, movies, musical artists. Ask if she is a cat person or a dog person, usually you’ll see a dog hiking so there is a good segway. Ask about her job, what she likes about it. Listen then ask follow up questions. Ask where she grew up, if her family lives in the area or if they still live back home. Ask about her nerdiest hobby.

    Pack a light picnic – ghouda cheese, croissants, apples.

    If it goes well then you can see if she wants to get a drink afterwards. Tell her how cool it was to do something active like hiking.

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