Dating : Unmatching on dating apps before a date

Dating : Unmatching on dating apps before a date

This guy started talking to me on tinder on Sunday and he seemed really genuine. He was interested in learning more about me and we went back and forth (including some flirty banter).

A day in he asked me out for the following Saturday for a date. We kept talking, a bunch of times a day everyday for 6 days and then come Saturday morning he wasn’t as responsive as he usually was. He messaged me around noon and is like he knows I mentioned this one thing I wanted to check out he’d be open to that or anything else. He said he was just super excited to meet me tonight and hang out with me. I respond saying I’m looking forward and said since it’s raining we can grab a drink instead of the outdoor thing I originally expressed interest in.

Then like two hours after that message he unmatches me. Why? Why would you go through the effort and talking to someone all week and continually say you’re excited to meet up only to unmatch at the last second.

We’re both in our late 20s (28)

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