Tinder : Getting shadow-banned for being Trans

Tinder : Getting shadow-banned for being Trans

Anyone know how to appeal a shadowban? I keep getting banned because cis men report my profile for no other reason than that I’m trans. From what I can tell Tinder just automatically bans you once you get a certain number of reports.

By. VivIsAwesome22

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  1. Not trying to come out as hateful, but the vast majority of guys on tinder are straight guys. If I match with another man when I’m looking for women, I’m gonna be ticked off. I don’t care enough to report when I do, but it’s still annoying. Tinder should really make a separate category for just you guys to avoid the confusion. Again, I don’t understand transgenderism, but I don’t denounce it. That being said, you can’t expect us to treat you like a regular girl.

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