Dating : I am taking a break from internet dating.

Dating : I am taking a break from internet dating.

I have used just about every internet dating app on the market for the past few years. I am getting tired of wasting my time and energy on it. I know that I am a decent looking guy with a good head on my shoulders. However, My biggest issue is dealing with all of the fake profiles and spam on these websites. If I do get matched with an attractive lady, I rarely get responses back. I am at the point in my life now where If something happens, something happens. I’m not going to force something anymore.

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  1. I took about a 5-month break from dating apps — deleted my Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and Feeld profiles and deactivated my OkCupid — and it was great. I’d never had much luck with them outside of hookups and realized I’d mostly been going on them out of sheer boredom and rarely saw any new profiles after a while. I didn’t meet anyone IRL but I didn’t really mind, even just taking a break from the prospect of dating was nice. Maybe a week after I started using them again I met someone I actually like who I hadn’t come across in the past. Not saying it’s a sure thing but some time away could help sort of reset things for you.

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