Tinder : Good conversation Starter

Tinder : Good conversation Starter

Hello guys n girls,

As the title says I am looking for good conversation starters. I am not looking for cringey pickup lines just some good questions to start a conversation smoothly. Btw I’m not ugly, just struggling with first messages haha


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  1. Honestly, I always recommend a good joke or a fun fact that is rare. I got hated on so much for this because people said it « wasn’t others jobs to entertain me ». But I am on a dating site, not watching a movie. It isn’t about entertainment, it just about who you are. If you are a funny person, then tell a joke. Who doesn’t like a chandler? If you are a smart person, then start with a fun fact, Who doesn’t like a Ross?

    Then there are the third options who don’t have much to contribute in life and there is a reason no one marries Joey.

  2. Someone hit me up with a great one recently but it’s quite intense and not for everyone.

    “If you had the choice, would you go back in time before your ancestors or go to the future after your grandchildren?”

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