Dating : Hi, How Are You?

h2>Dating : Hi, How Are You?

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It has been three weeks since he came back. I don’t know how I found out that he was back to town, because no one told me, but I know he is back. I guess I’m just a real stalker when it comes to him.

Nothing has really changed about him. No, we haven’t talked or anything but as I previously mentioned, I am a total stalker of him. I’m sure though, there must be a lot of stories to tell between us if we ever get the chance to talk and meet again.

“Why did he have to come back?” my heart screamed.
Honestly, the first time I knew he was back in town, my heart felt like jumping out of its cage. I had no idea whether to be happy, sad, or just mediocre. But it’s been three weeks, and I haven’t been able to control myself to not stalk him. Everyday.

“Does he know I’m still here?” the same question I ask myself every night before I close my eyes.

I still remember clearly every word he said to hurt me the last time we met, before he left for his journey. But, they are all shattered by the good memories that tend to occupy more than half of my brain and heart. What can I do?

I can’t count how many times I have drafted everything I want to say to him. I realized it would be just in vain, so they always ended up in my bin. In spite of the things I threw on my bin that had always been emptied, there is only one thing I want to ask him, “How are you?”

Or, in case a question is not welcome,
“I hope you’re doing good.”

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