Tinder : How to respond to guys calling me beautiful?

Tinder : How to respond to guys calling me beautiful?

Most guys message with the “hi ____, you’re really beautiful”. I feel like it’s probably a generic message they send to every girl and it sounds very unauthentic. How should I respond to these messages? I never know what to say back.

By. effypom

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  1. You can always say “thank you” or even “I bet you say that to all the girls”. Add something more if you’re interested in those guys – compliment them back or say something to engage them in a more interesting dialogue.

    How’s your profile? Do they have more than just pictures to start a conversation from? I see a lot of girls with almost nothing in their profile; I’m really not good with pickup lines and it’s hard to say something interesting when there’s nothing to start from.

    Or… maybe you really have the kind of beauty (or pics) that makes people focus on that, as it’s really obvious?

  2. I remember when I first started using tinder and my female friends whom I’ve met through tinder would show how guys would talk to them compared to me. So they managed to match the same few guys and the messages were literally the same as yours or they send a meme. For me, I try to write something from their bio or picture if I’m actually interested. Not everyone will respond to something they think are generic when girls literally get their msg box blown up.

  3. I just say thank you. Or ‘thanks, how’s it going’. My bio gives them something to figure out if we have anything in common. I can’t start a conversation from nothing. Although sometimes I’ll say ‘thanks, how’s it going? Your bio is blank so not sure how to start any convo’. Although if someone doesn’t understand that, I’m not sure if we’ll get along.

  4. Well it depends. If you are interested in them, then also call them handsome or compliment them. If you aren’t interested, just say ‘No’. Us men understand it.

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