POF : So, this thing happened to me that looks suspicious

POF : So, this thing happened to me that looks suspicious

Not a single girl greeted me in about two years. I’ve only been able to hook up with one, out of many. Yesterday, two girls, completely different profiles, yet they greet me first in the same exact way, same words exactly. Wich wouldn’t be a problem if the phrase they used wasn’t written in a way nobody does in my country (if you’re interested, Spain, and no one uses first interrogation sign when writing spanish here).

Now I’m messaging with some girls, but none of them sends messages concurrently. This feels suspicious.

Have I been spotted by pof’s fake profiles and they’re trying to lift me up?

By. w1nstar

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  1. Yeah it really sounds like it. Sorry man, I’ve had the same. Generally if a girl messages me anything like hey sexy or they start with a pic, I tell them to send me a specific pic doing something different. If they don’t respond, they’re either bots or guys with a scam.

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