Tinder : How to take pictures for your tinder profile

Tinder : How to take pictures for your tinder profile

I hope I don’t break any rules with this post.

What are your tips for taking photos for your profile

What are locations you would say are good and what are total nogos.

By. Nic_P

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  1. Bathroom, naked, bend over, ass to mirror, look into mirror face upside down between your spread legs, max zoom -> 5000 superlikes in 10mins. Bonus points if you manage to take the snap right as a lil shit nugget finks out. Doesn’t even matter if you’re male or female.

  2. I’d be keen to know some of these. I know some women find selfies to be a real turnoff, but like, my friends don’t really take a lot of photos, so there aren’t really many candids of me to choose from…

  3. Dont be shy, a genuine smile and good lighting goes a long way. A picture including the rest of you is solid as well because nothing but head shots will look like you are hiding something. Include in your pictures things you enjoy doing; parties, car culture, bike culture, hiking, volunteering, etc. Give a small glimpse into your life. If your friends don’t take pictures of you, just ask them to, they may give you some shit, but 9 times out of 10 they will help and support you. Hope this helps!

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