Dating : Easiest way to sift through Gray areas

Dating : Easiest way to sift through Gray areas

Men, tell the girl you like her or thinks shes attractive… or my favorite « I want you »…. it’s simple it’s clear….

obviously establish some type of rapport…

that’s it. it’s simple….

two reasons

1. being honest is never a bad trait on a guy… she may be wanting to do something but too shy to say anything … Initiate to show her « it’s ok »

2. if she says no or whatever… now you know to save time…

3. if she ever comes around, she knows what she’s getting into

What do you think?


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  1. Point 3 is something I disagree with tbh. For me, unless you were moving away and couldn’t handle long distance, there’s no « coming around » for me. Or if you were in a real bad spot in your life or had some reasonable extenuating circumstance (economic trouble, strict family, etc). And even if it’s one of those instances, I’m not accepting the idea of you coming around unless you either rejected or broke things off with me in a courteous way, rather than ghosting or making up some lame excuse. You either like me or you don’t, and you gotta like me when I make my move. If not, I really don’t have the time or desire to wait on you to « figure out I’m a nice guy ». Better things to do with my time. I don’t take it personal, you don’t owe me anything, and even if you’re a douche about turning me down, it’s fine. But the idea that I’d just be some lapdog waiting on you to « see the good in me » is some Disney bullshit.

  2. > being honest is never a bad trait on a guy.

    Really? Because just as big of a problem, if not bigger, is that girls are constantly flaky and beat around the bush

    > Initiate to show her « it’s ok »

    « It’s OK »? Are the girls scared or something?

    This post is incredibly naive

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