Tinder : I guess I’m too picky

Tinder : I guess I’m too picky

I guess I’m too picky

By. sanch3z90

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  1. Don’t forget « I’m hardly on here so message me on my snap/insta ». Or just tagging their snap/insta and having nothing else in the bio.

  2. Honestly, these are the ones that get me too. I can totally get on board with that some people are boring. But when you’re going to advertise yourself with your asshole stains visible and say you’re looking for something serious, either you don’t know what serious is or your thinking is so damaged that you think bare ass pics are what a serious guy wants to see. In my experience, though, about 50% of the chicks I’ve gone out with that say « no hook ups » were getting pounded against a headboard by the end of the night. Tinder is a straight up waste of time–literally everybody is playing some kind of head game.

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