Dating : Should I message him to hang out?

Dating : Should I message him to hang out?

I went on a causal few dates with a guy I met off bumble about 2 months ago and started to like him a bit and wanted to hang out more frequently to get to know him more.

He said he wasn’t ready or at the point to begin a relationship and commit at the moment so I decided to end things there however he wanted to remain friends.

Initially I was a bit upset about the outcome, however I’ve been busy and got over it and also not really in the position to start anything serious at the moment either. I also wouldn’t want to be with him now as I was put off instantly that he only saw me as an option.

Now though I am sort of keen for a causal thing with him 2 months later. Is this a mistake? Do you think if I sent a causal message asking him to hang out and explaining a bit about how I’m not really wanting anything serious at the moment he would go for it? He is still active on bumble and I know he is still just casually seeing people.

Thanks for advice in advance.

What do you think?


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  1. Easy quick advice : yeah, go for it! It’s one of the best casual part, nothing is too serious, so if he don’t want to, you don’t have much to loose. It becomes more serious if you want more from him, then either he’s in or not (like before) but now you have your feelings involved, and it could hurt.

  2. heres your problem, your telling us how you really feel


    instead of him


    if you are afraid of getting hurt, find someone else or be alone and masturbate like the rest of us. if you want someone friendly to smash, fuck him.

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