Tinder : I really need to stop getting high and going on tinder…

Tinder : I really need to stop getting high and going on tinder…

I really need to stop getting high and going on tinder…

By. burningpopsicles

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  1. I need more matches like this! Actual humour and content and constructive thoughts.

    Rather than hey, hby, wym, and other can’t give a fuck speak.

    Clearly your fuccboi torso is part of that gang or you’d be getting some quality replies back

  2. > »Surely he will fuck me to death because he probably does crossfit or some shit »

    Lmao OP never stop going on Tinder. This sub needs more original content like yours.

  3. And the disembodied torso followed, but couldn’t drink tea because it’s just a torso

    Wait can you be disembodied if you are the body? It’s the other parts that’s disembodied right?

  4. A lot of people saying keep it up and post more content like this, but I don’t see how this is constructive or see how tinder is being used as it was intended.

    Why did OP match with the guy if she was going to just make fun out of him?

  5. Using tinder while high is amazing. Found someone on tinder who I matched with on hinge. I messaged him immediately after we matched on tinder and the only thing I could think to say was, “muahahaahahaaa.” Hes my partner now 🙂

  6. This is the shit I do. If a conversation kind of dies ill ask a weird random question and see if it leads to anything funny.

    Recently I borrowed from a podcast and asked someone « how do I roast a chicken in a hotel room »

    It actually saved a conversation and I got her number (though was ghosted later). Regardless it was entertaining

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