POF : The military scam

POF : The military scam

I have received so many messages from guys who claim they are in the military deployed somewhere in the world. I’m from a military family. Was born into the military and then married military for 17 years. I can smell lie from a mile away. They usually say in their profile they are looking for someone to marry. When they message they give a long text about how they are overseas and ask if you have ever dated someone in the military. Its hysterical, but yet disgusting they are posing as military with stolen pics of service members.

By. katyuwf8

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  1. Yeah, I’ve not been involved with the military on a personal level, but I can smell their rotten little post of lies as well.

    I wonder what the female spam post equivalence is?

  2. Omg I’ve had sooooo many of these messages. They’re alwaya on a peace keeping mission. I ask for their APO and that usually derails them lol

  3. A scam is a scam, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a dude with his own lame story, or an organized criminal team with a set of standard scripts that everyone uses – when you recognize a scammer, your best move is to just block/delete.

    Like telemarketers, the bottom-line button-pusher is just trying to get a day’s wage. He has no real stake in the success of the company, he’ll never get more than a day’s wage, he won’t be driving a fancy car off a scam. Insults to these front-line people are pointless – they aren’t vested in the story, they are just following instructions. In such a scheme, only 1 in a 100 or a 1000 or 10,000 results in money getting back to the scammers. Your snarky remarks are forgotten at the click of a mouse, and the scam profile is still there, harassing more people.

    It’s done more to disrupt your day/week/year than anything you can do to the scammer. And that’s the point – they are there to TAKE FROM YOU, even if it’s only your time and attention.

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