Tinder : I started talking to a girl that is super anit-vax ; Sorry I just couldn’t help myself.

Tinder : I started talking to a girl that is super anit-vax ; Sorry I just couldn’t help myself.

I started talking to a girl that is super anit-vax ; Sorry I just couldn’t help myself.

By. Admirable-Surround11

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  1. Wow, that “from what I’m reading” comment is all too familiar with me. My roommate is anti COVID vax, and super into conspiracy. I’m always hearing him saying “from everything I’ve been reading” all the time.

  2. So I’m getting my masters in microbiology and we had to watch a vaccine seminar that had a section on Covid and they said that if you don’t have any side effects within 6 weeks that nothing will happen. And that’s typically true with all vaccines.
    EDIT: [here’s the link to the seminar so any one can watch it if they’re interested ]( the Covid portion starts at around minute 18

  3. That girl is an idiot everyone knows that Anti Vax is a double-bluff government conspiracy to make people think that anyone who believes that vaccines aren’t safe are stupid, so that you end up taking them. She should be anti government not anti Vax SMH.

    /s – obviously

  4. Can anyone tell me if there is ad block for the 5G chip? Ever since I got vaxxed I started getting ads in my inner monologue and it is really annoying.

  5. Man, they didn’t beta test my mRNA mutation vaccine very well….I haven’t gained any of the promised super powers yet!!

    Do I need gamma radiation?

  6. So the government are trying to kill the ones who are complying? Why would they kill them and be left with people who throw a tantrum for nothing?

  7. I’m assuming that if the conversation continued, you’d have finished with the cure for the vaccine is between your legs, right?

    Because if she believed covid wasps you may as well give that a go.

  8. Isn’t it weird the governments around the world unleashed a vaccine that will kill us shortly but are killing off the ones who ‘obey’ them? Like if they were going to kill off anyone, wouldn’t they kill them people who don’t listen to them like this person?

  9. I was FORCED to get the vaccine, I DIED after I got it, AND I now have a spy camera inside of me, I can feel it in my eye sometimes when an eyelash falls, I think the eyelash messes up the calibration or something.

  10. There are people out there with 10% of their heart function with actual machines inside of them (defibrillator and pacemaker) that keep them alive…it’s not exactly natural but hey it’s not as bad as turning into an attena! /s

  11. It literally is pointless. Has a 99% survival rate and has cures and preventatives like hydroxychloriquine. Not to mention now you have to wear masks regardless if you’ve been vaccinated so what is the point?

  12. This anti-vax crap is GREAT! Quickest way yet to get the « I’m crazy » hint (along with the « I’m a QuackAnon member » and/or « I go to Donnie Duhhhmp rallies »)

  13. What isb your opinion about covid vaccine is one of my first questions and if the person is anti vax… I send a last message and unmatch. I don’t want to waist my time.

  14. personally I feel so much safer. Now that the government has a microchip on me if I go missing they’ll know exactly where to find my body.

  15. I get what you’re doing here but look at how indoctrinated both sides are. Take my personal situation for example. My family has a history of heart conditions. The males of my family have died of heart attack over the past 3 generations. How safe is it for me to get a vaccine that has side effects of blood clots, myocarditis, and other heart related issues.
    This woman very well may be an idiot, but she doesnt represent everyone who is unvaccinated. I’m really tired of being demonized because people think they know what is best for everyone while are unaware of underlying health conditions that others may have.

  16. I can’t believe you guys are pro-vaccine. All vaccines that we as a human species have taken were tested for atleast 7 years to discover the long term effects. Y’all can take the experimental drug if you want but don’t be shitting on those who would rather not be jabbed with an unknown substance.

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