Tinder : I’m going to end up buying tinder plus

Tinder : I’m going to end up buying tinder plus

I’m going to end up buying tinder plus

By. kkpudi

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  1. Don’t, I have the app installed on my phone but don’t have an account on tinder, there isn’t even one loaded on it, and I still get these notifications all the time.

  2. Go to, log into your account, the press f12, then refresh the page.

    In the inspect element tab, click on “network” then “img” and you will see a list of image thumbnails.. one of those will be the profile pic of the person who likes you (non-blurred version) it’s pretty easy to match their image with the blurred one.

  3. I like tinder plus because of the 5 super likes I get per day. Most of my matches come from carefully super liking women I feel like are in my « league ».

  4. my experience with tinder gold as a woman looking for women: a lot of couples looking for a third, a couple of women I matched with in the past (new tinder account) and a couple of viable matches. I swiped right on a cutie that had liked my profile, went out with her within the week, and we have now been dating almost three months, but that may have been a fluke ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ as I was a regular at a shop she worked at before and she already had a crush on me.

    Point is, sometimes its worth it!

  5. Honestly the boost, unlimited swipes and the 5 super likes a day are what will get you more matches. Seeing who likes you for another 10 dollars isnt worth it when you can swipe through everyone in the age and distance range you set in a single day.

  6. I had almost 100 people who’d liked me when I deleted my account and app. By my estimates they were either all too far away, or fake. Cynical? Maybe.

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