Dating : Ghosted, but still watches my snapchat stories?

Dating : Ghosted, but still watches my snapchat stories?

I was talking with a guy from bumble. Thing were fast paced that he even introduced me to his friend and send snaps of him and his mother. We wanted to make plans to meet, which is hard since he lives an hour away and it was clear he was into me that even his friend said I was all I talked about. This was in a spawn of one week. Then, suddenly 2 days he stopped texting and I asked if he was ghosting me. He said no he would not do that to me, well later we started talking less and I haven’t heard a word in awhile.

I know he has adhd and takes anxiety medications and mentioned about running out of them before he ghosted me. Now he constantly watches every snap I post and not sure if I should message him or just let it be.

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  1. Maybe just let it be and have him come to you. From a guys perspective I would just never ghost a girl I was interested in. That would be the worst possibly thing to do.

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