Tinder : Is she interested?

Tinder : Is she interested?

So i recently met this girl through my family since they are friends with her parents, shes a really nice girl and loves my mom. Ive been to her house a few times and we all went out together for the first time as a group to a club this past friday. At the club she started dancing on me and all that. She has this one female best friend and they always go everywhere together including the club that night, also this friend is very possessive over her. The day after, i texted her asking her if she wanted to hang out at a hookah bar since that’s one of her favorite things to do, she told me that her friend did not want to go out that night but next weekend we could hang out. This is where i’m confused if she was interested wouldn’t she just accept my invitation without having to include her friend? Should i text her during the week and should i remind her of hanging out next weekend or should i wait for her to bring it up?

By. usmc0621-2010

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  1. 1. Wrong sub
    2. Her friend does not like you. This can be changed over time, and this is probably a way for you guys to get on the right track.
    3. never hurts to send a reminder about something.

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