Dating : Ghosted after being asked out?

Dating : Ghosted after being asked out?

So, I meet this guy at some bus station in the middle of nowhere. Me and my friends were coming back from parade and I was little bit drunk. Well, when I am drunk I am chatty so when we arrived to the station I asked him (that guy) if I had miss my bus. He told me no, and we continued to talk for good 30 mins. During that period I was just focused on him and I feel like we didn’t pay attention to my friends.

He was telling me what I should do this summer, but unfortunately my bus has arrived and I had to go. I gathered some courage and asked him for the phone number. Lucky me, he gave it to me. It was like the perfect ending of the perfect day.

When I arrived home I texted him and asked him if he can tall me more about the event he was mentioning me before my bus arrived. He replied in the morning and explained me everything about it. I just said « thank you and i am gonna check it out 🙂 ». I figured, if he wanted to continue to talk he will respond to this and if he doesn’t respond its not big deal. Of course, he replied and said that we can go together. I said that I would like to go with him, but also if he wants we can grab a drink before. He said that is good idea and after when I asked him about his schedule he never replied. Its been 2 days and its killing me coz I really liked him even though I meet him just for short time I was hoping that at least I will have someone new to talk with (I moved recently to this new city and I don’t have many friends…).

What to do next? Should I text him again, but I hate that idea. I just don’t want to be that desperate guy (but I kinda am, coz I am crushin on him). Or should I just forget about him

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