Tinder : jUsT a PaM lOoKiNg FoR hEr JiM

Tinder : jUsT a PaM lOoKiNg FoR hEr JiM

jUsT a PaM lOoKiNg FoR hEr JiM

By. Metrozak

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  1. swipe right if you have a dog xD looking for a rave partner xD only swipe right if you’re ok with me being psycho lmaaoaooaooo

    three kids don’t hate

    actually 18 but won’t let me change age

  2. Men: “The office isn’t a trait!!!!11!1!1!1!!!”

    Also Men on Tinder: “If you don’t like the office, pizza, and my dog we won’t work out”

  3. A female friend of mine who hasn’t seen the show saw a guy whose profile included the « how to remove a woman’s bra » quote and was confused and kind of grossed out, like he thought it was a good idea to try and tear a woman’s clothes off. Also, lingerie is expensive, don’t damage that shit.

  4. Tell people that liking The Office isn’t a personality and nobody panics, but when I say memes aren’t a personality everybody loses their minds.

  5. No one said it was. Knowing likes and dislikea can help to identify similar tasyes. Guys get too hurt when girls don’t give them attention. Try to be original with your jokes at least. As cliche as the thing you are trying to make fun of.

  6. You’re right. Its a good thing tinder bios arent specifically made for personality traits. Although it would be easier if instrad of an office quote, the bio said « likes pop culture and easy to start a convorsation with concerning shared media ». Just like how yours would say « angry gremlin who hasent had a match since installing the app back when it was released due to a god complex »

  7. Disliking people who’s bio consists on liking the office or having dinner with Louis Theroux is also not a personality trait.

    Even though I deeply dislike them and love talking about the fact. We are a cliche in ourselves.

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