Dating : Never had a woman go out of her way for me

Dating : Never had a woman go out of her way for me

This isnt a jealousy post but a genuine concern.

Ive seen women really fight for guys to sleep with them, date them, whatever. But a woman has never done that for me.

I feel weird about it. I have alot to offer, but a woman has just never really fought for me in any capacity. Is that strange?

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  1. Have you dated many women? Asked them out? Shown yourself to be a quality guy? Most of the time these women are fighting for men who they are in love with, not randos.

  2. Girls will only fight to sleep with guys who they believe are above them in terms of looks and social status. But mainly looks. Good looking people usually have the social status to go along with it anyway, so they go hand in hand.

  3. That’s fine. It’s rare and not always good anyway. A woman who chases a man who isn’t interested has the same confidence issues as men who chase after any woman. She might have overly high standards for you to meet or be in love with the chase instead of you. Also, have you ever gotten those marketing emails or seen one of those online school ads? For the outwardly rich looking guys, all the attention they get looks just like those ads and for the 1-2% of women reaching out who actually like that guy for who he is, they sadly won’t get his attention because their kindness might be mistaken for a gold-digger’s. There’s no free lunch.

  4. Well here’s a question: have you ever made one fight for you? It’s not a bad thing to not force women to chase you. Girls who fight for guys usually do it because they’re ignoring them and they want the approval, no matter how much he won’t give it to them. They have unhealthy and unstable relationships.

  5. Yes. I would think this would happen to someone a few relationships in since you don’t have much control of your emotions at that point.

  6. You’re just too nice hun. Be a manipulative jackass and they’ll cling to you like Velcro. Doesn’t hurt to have that bad-boy vibe either. It’s like candy.

    Also, be fit, muscular, and attractive. If you’re sexy af, you’ll get more attention.

  7. The only men I’ve seen women fight over are either INSANELY good looking degenerates, like full on train wrecks, or wealthy/celebrity level guys. But, that’s just my experience.

    No, nothing is wrong with you, I mean, no more wrong than the vast majority of men. Women don’t find most of us attractive, so they have very little incentive to want to mate with us.

    Women don’t need us anymore, literally, so the few they want, they chase, the rest of us have to try and wait for them to have a weak moment or a lapse in judgement etc, but yeah.

    Women aren’t going to go out of their way to make you feel valuable, because in today’s society men are not valuable. We’re seen as evil. We’re toxic, we’re abusers, we’re emotional unavailable, we sluff our responsibilities, we are actually uneducated idiots, and we are all broke.

    I mean, when you look at that, do you really blame women for not wanting us?

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