Tinder : Just tinder things

Tinder : Just tinder things

Just tinder things

By. HappePython

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  1. You don’t know how much i feel you bro/sis.

    Been on tinder 3 months now and not a single match. I guess i just go fuck my self then.

  2. Online dating summed up for anyone new:

    Dudes scroll through pages of girls looking for matches.

    Girls scroll through pages of matches looking for dudes.

  3. Reading this thread made me feel a lot better about myself. Man, I didn’t think it was that hard. I’ve gotten two quality long term relationships from online and met quite a few girls.

    Stupid question, but have you guys tried getting better pictures and lifting heavy things? I’m maybe a 7 and yet, dressing well, looking up how to talk to girls, and lifting have done wonders.

    Not even the most jacked guy there is, also minority, and heavy accent, and 5’10 » manlet.

    What I’m saying is, if I can do it, anybody can. Chin up bros, we are all gonna make it.

  4. I’ve been told I’m very handsome though I think I’m just above average and it is hard to get likes on Tinder. Maybe I’m doing it wrong since I was out of the game for like 3-4 years.

    I do get swiped but then the girl is either non responsive or I can’t find out who swiped me and have to swipe right on a bunch of people to find out.

    I’ve gotten some nice tail from bumble, okcupid, and other places but tinder seems to have a lot of other stuff going on or like I said maybe I’m not using it properly.

    Either way I think it’s just a waste of time. In the beginning it was pretty cool albeit a bit scary for girls.

  5. Tinder was the cool swipe app for the first year or so back when it was the new thing. But it pretty much doesn’t work for average attractive males now at this point. You can study to game the app, work on self improvement, get better pics. But it can be struggle for average attractive males unless they are willing to date down couple of notches.

  6. Have been using tinder in Japan for the past 1.5 months, after swiping right on every creature I see whole 2 weeks. I saw a notification that I got match. Maaan was I excited. Opened up, it was a transgender philipino woman, that looked more like a guy. (Totally no hate intended) biggest Oof .
    After that I got 3/4 more matches that would either not reply or unmatch.
    I’m not ugly either (at least I hope I’m not) . Because irl girls are usually pretty attracted to me. Just never any luck with a Japanese girl.

  7. I got 12 matches in three years, 4 of them answered to my messages, I met 1, and she was total lunatic.

    Passing around 50 profiles daily, that’s somewhere around 30-40 000 profiles swiped by me.

    Total waste of time.

    Tinder works well if you are in the top 7% of men or top 87% of women.

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