Dating : I am ignorant when it comes to flirting/picking someone up

Dating : I am ignorant when it comes to flirting/picking someone up

I met this girl through an acquaintance, we seemed to click. We all meet up, I think she is flirting, she is a little more handsy..but this could be because she had a few drinks.
I ask if she wants to meet up, she ask where, and when I respond, she makes an excuse and states another time.
I know she was/is ok with the place to meet up, so that isn’t the issue.

I have such a hard time reading butch girls. It is so much easier with a femme or a guy. I also suck at understanding flirting from being social. Why does flirting, dating have to be so confusing?

Any advise that you have I am willing to listen to. I think she is pretty amazing so far, but would love to find out more about her and who she is.

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  1. Post refers to blind dating, alcohol, and dating bewilderment, a prelude to intimate partner bewilderment. My parents had all three and countless other mistakes. Read my post history to find out how that went over. More importantly: bail. You are not ready for a relationship.

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