Tinder : Learning the meaning of the word “roast”

Tinder : Learning the meaning of the word “roast”

Learning the meaning of the word “roast”

By. pretty_retarded

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    Edit one: responses have become coming gentlemen. Time is 8:44 eastern

    Edit two: I think we struck gold and I will make a whole separate post. She was a great sport to our fun so everyone be nice in the follow up!

    Edit three: so she was being a great sport and laughing about it but once she saw the thread she unmatched me. I had told her I’d delete my comments but she just unmatched so I’m guessing I’m just going to leave everything as is. I think my comment about OP’s line being accurate probably didn’t help her liking me much but oh well. She freaked out about being viral and I said I’d show her the thread but she would have to give me some funny reactions and comments. She gave some fucking funny lines. Unfortunately when she unmatched I lost it all because I didn’t think to screenshot beforehand.

    In conclusion, this has been one of the funniest encounters of my life. OP and I were both on a trip to somewhere far from home but through DMs we realized we live very close to one another and WILL be getting a taco together. So all unmatches DO NOT mean no dates — I got the best bro date a man could ever ask for.

    Edit four: also a weird amount of guys messaged me asking me to unblock her face as part of some fetish. Wtf guys, no, definitely not happening.

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