Tinder : Why keep messaging a match that doesn’t respond?

Tinder : Why keep messaging a match that doesn’t respond?

So I recently updated my bio and photos and I guess I’m showing up in everyone’s feed. I’ve had tinder for two years and don’t usually unmatch and sometimes I’ll see a message and forget to respond or just not notice it. I’ve been getting messages from guys I haven’t responded to for either a year or months and I’m just curious for guys, why try again? Also, one of my friends thinks this is creepy and pushy but I don’t. For women, am I missing something there?

By. BasicChick314

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  1. It’s a matter of perspective. I’ve seen a girl complain about two guys trying to message her and get her attention. The one she was attracted to, she felt it was so cute and romantic that he was trying. The other one, doing pretty much the exact same thing, she thought was very creepy. Put yourself in the guy’s shoes. In Tinder, a lot of girls typically ask to be flattered by a pickup line or joke to get your attention, maybe they are trying to do just that: get your attention.

  2. I don’t get it either.

    I still have guys, who I never messaged back, message me. There are a few who try to get at me once a month.

    Maybe we should start unmatching..

  3. Depends what kind of messages u get, some could just meme on it or others might be holding out hope. Or they could let you know what a bitch you are for not immediately responding as if you live on the app

  4. Because if you don’t try, you don’t win.

    A really great looking girl that never replied to me a couple of months back posted a new photo and I just sent a « wow » emoji as reply.

    She actually answered and now we’re planning a date.

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