Tinder : M E G A O O F

Tinder : M E G A O O F


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  1. Why put effort into dating when you can just be as boring as possible and wait for somebody else to do all the work? Worst case scenario you find *someone* who will put up with your complete and utter lack of personality!

  2. “Hey, I’m all stretched and ready for our session”


    “Should we focus on weights today, or just stick with cardio”

    “Idk Run”

    “Great, how long should I stay on the treadmill?”

    “A while”

    “Thanks for the training, heres $100”

  3. I’d say at least at least half of the online dating “conversations” I’ve had have gone like this. I basically chalk it up to three things: a) there are a lot of dull people in the world, b) women don’t have to put much effort into online dating other than having cute pics, and c) a woman’s attention is constantly divided because of the sheer volume of matches/messages she gets.

    I also have a totally unproven/untested theory that women who do this are less likely to find a lasting connection with people they meet online. Having these bland non-conversations will screen out the guys who are interested in really getting to know you, and who want to be known by you. Then you’re left with nothing but the players and desperate horndogs.

  4. This is the main reason I quit using tinder. Meeting people in real life is the way to go. No catfishing. Can immediately tell if the chemistry is there. If one of us isn’t into the other we can just walk away. Lovely.

  5. Oh man I absolutely hate getting one word replys and having to carry a conversation, its such a waste of time for everyone involved.

  6. I think /u/KoreTen is right. This happens a lot because of the sheer volume of matches and messages women get in online dating apps. It’s even worse for more attractive women. Imagine having 100+ matches at any given time. Nobody has time to fully engage in 100+ conversations with 100+ different people. Trying to would be exhausting. So, depending on what she wants from each guy, she may either put minimal effort into the conversation and wait for him to ask for a date or she might engage more with a select few matches she likes the most. If she is looking for a long term relationship, she’s probably more likely to put in the conversational effort. If she just wants a hookup, that would be wasted effort. There is also the possibility that she has matches she’s not really interested in. She may have been on the fence about it and swiped right anyway to decide later. Of course, she could also just be really dull, really stupid, or just bad at conversations.

  7. What I learned from tinder is that girls like these don’t want to get to know you through text conversation. She is taking her time to even respond to you which means something. If you match, immediately shoot your shot and ask if they would be interested in meeting up for drinks over the weekend.

    I started doing this a few months ago and have had a ton of success even with girls who say that they don’t want hook ups. Give it a try with the next girl you are interested in and see how it goes.

  8. A lot of guys are also like this on Tinder. Why even swipe right if you Don’t feel like having a conversation.
    Some people …

  9. This same thing happened to me. Bumble girl with one word replies… then I pull the ol’ “back hurts from carrying the conversation” line. Post on reddit for karma!

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