Tinder : Maybe this time someone will match with me?

Tinder : Maybe this time someone will match with me?

Maybe this time someone will match with me?

By. splintorious

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  1. If you delete your tinder account and recreate it, you get a bump in your elo score and you’re more likely to get more than your average right swipes for first few days.

  2. It’s so odd how people do this? I’ve had the same pictures since I started using tinder a year ago and maybe changed my bio once or twice.

  3. I legitimately just closed my re-installed Tinder to move to Reddit and see this. Heart sank lmao. I love being lonely and addicted to the internet!!

  4. You get more matches day 1 than any other day. Might as well delete and reinstall over and over it’s easier and cheaper than boosting

  5. Do people really have this much of an issue getting matches? I’m no super attractive chad of a man but whenever I do swipe I almost always get at least 2-3 matches within a few hours

  6. I keep getting banned everytime I try to make a new tinder. I didn’t have anything bad in bio but I keep getting the ban error code

  7. *TFW the party van catfishes you some matches out of pity*

    « t-t-thank you officer… I’m sure it’ll work this time… p-p-robably.. »

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