Dating : Any luck with Hinge? Curious

Dating : Any luck with Hinge? Curious

I recently downloaded Hinge and so used to the Tinder landscape. Can anyone share their stories with the app and if they found what they were looking for?

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  1. Hinge is worse than tinder/bumble, because at least on tinder/bumble you know you have no chance of matching with something attractive, on hinge, you can message all the attractive women you want, and sit in their inbox forever, never knowing. 😉

  2. I’ve had okay luck .. mostly the conversations have been way better as well as the actual dates. One guy turned out to be looking just for sex and ghosted me when he didn’t get any on the third date. A few guys stopped being interested in the conversation and so no dates occurred. I had one short lived relationship and am currently in the beginning of another from a guy I met through Hinge. Seems promising.

    I’ve never been on Tinder and my personality didn’t work with Bumble, so not sure about comparison.

    All of this over about 8 months of being on the app. I preferred it over OKCupid and CMB. Overall I’ve had good experiences or at least not terrible.

  3. I like it much better than Tinder. It felt like the matches were more quality > quantity, and it took a little while but I finally hit it off with somebody who seems to really like me and also wants a serious relationship. This is from a girl’s perspective though.

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