Tinder : Profile Review – Week of July 23, 2019

Tinder : Profile Review – Week of July 23, 2019

Post information about you/your profile here and get it reviewed just in time for the weekend.

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  1. Not a profile, but what’s an **acceptable** level of touch-up that can be used for your face to hide tiny wrinkles, blemishes, etc. and to make the photo pop out more?

    If it helps, I think I still look pretty good without the touch-ups, but I look fucking amazing with them.

  2. 19/M/Straight

    Hey so I’d love some feedback on the profile. I’ll delete the app for a couple months and when I return I’ll get a bunch of matches and the next day they’ll completely stop. Don’t know what’s up with that. If y’all could hit me with that magic bullet that’d be tight.

    Constructive Criticism would be great

    New bio: Cool so I’m 6’1”, into tattoos (got 2 big ones), I’ve been training Thai Kickboxing for 5 years, love to rock climb during college and I can’t live without the beach.

    I would say I’d break your heart but I’d rather break bread while we watch Stranger Things

  3. 27/M, here’s my bio, inspired by someone here on r/tinder:

    *Tinder profiles are like resumes: make the effort to stand out, but the on-site interview is what really counts.*

    *I enjoy amateur cinematography and voice acting, trespassing on old abandoned property, karaoke on a Wednesday, scrambled eggs with crème fraîche, and Thai tea. Lima Beans are the absolute worst.*

    *176 cm / 5’11″*

    At a road block for matches, any advice would help!

  4. **I used Tinder boost yesterday and got one match. I currently get no matches. Please help me.**


    Am I doing something totally wrong here? I have done pretty well on Tinder in the past (3 years ago)

    Now what usually happens is I’ll delete my account then reinstall and I’ll usually get a few matches right away. Then maybe one or two over the next day or two. Then my matches JUST STOP PERMANENTLY.

    I’m gonna post my profile here for critique. I’m aware I’m not Brad Pitt but I’m in decent physical shape and take care of myself. My pictures aren’t that great but I think they’re decent?


  5. Review my 18/M bio please:

    Still not over my 4th grade girlfriend. Amy if you’re out there I still love you, and I forgive you for taking my juice box and giving it to Tommy G.

    I know Tyler the Creator’s waffle recipe by heart, and my friends say I have “Bob Ross energy”. Let’s go on an adventure, or stay inside watching bad movies. I give a mean back rub, and have good taste in music.

  6. Just a back of chips looking for some guac to fall apart in.

    6’5 NY Italian transplant who STILL hasn’t seen the Godfather.

    This one time living in NYC I peed my pants in the middle of a crowded bar during a bingo party. I wasn’t drunk and had to take an hour long subway ride home. What’s your embarrassing story?


    edit: added a loop: []( the loop starts with my head sideways and loops back after a short pause looking at the camera.

  7. Roast me harder than the imgur comments.

    24/M Straight.

    Bio reads:
    Just moved to *town*

    No I wont follow your instagram.

    Swipe left to discuss politics.

    Not too concerned with bio because 9/10 women don’t care (in my experience) but open to all suggestions.

  8. 19/M/Australia

    [My current profile, albeit barren…](

    I don’t exactly have many pictures of myself (actor headshots, one good selfie that make me feel good about myself), and I don’t exactly know how to « advertise » myself. Any tips? Types of pictures I should take? Maybe I have to go on an outing? Show some images I’ve done as photography? I’m not entirely sure…

  9. Your first picture should be 1. The best photo of you. 2. Genuine smile 3. Must be a close up headshot. Preferably with you looking at the camera. A genuine smile says I’m friendly and I’m a generally happy person. If you are looking down or away you are shy and or hiding something. So not the best first picture. They are harder to get because you have to get it from a candid shot every thing else looks forced.

  10. So I have a question .
    Does one need a descriptive bio if their intentions are only getting hookups?
    If so, how descriptive?
    If not, what should the bio be like?

  11. Hey y’all! So I deleted my account and made a new one cause of a lack matches. So far I haven’t gotten any matches. I’m not sure if it’s due to my ELO or tinder recognizes my email from a previous account? Would love some feedback, don’t hold back. Brutal honesty please and thank you!

  12. 27M. I’m new. Haven’t been getting many likes or matches. I am not from an English speaking country so I’ll translate my bio here. I swiped a bit too much in my first days not sure if i screwed up my score or something.

    > I prefer making fun of bad movies than watch good ones.

    > I like having my kidneys intact but I may negotiate one depending on how things go.

    > I have worryingly vast geek/popular culture knowledge but try to keep that info on the down low.

    > 1.86

    I know it’s not exactly great but I am working on my bio. I couldn’t translate it well but that’s the gist.

  13. 29/M
    so I literally have 2 matches lol!! idk if i’m doing anything wrong but here is the bio
    my name is pronounced the same way it’s spelled
    I drink way too much tequila and I am terrible at saving money. I also probably eat more chicken wings than normal people
    but; I can’t stop watching anime and I think i’m sexually attracted to tacos, so that’s good

    and pics

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