Tinder : Profile Review – Week of June 11, 2019

Tinder : Profile Review – Week of June 11, 2019

Post information about you/your profile here and get it reviewed just in time for the weekend.

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  1. I started using tinder about a week ago (tinder says I have 10+ likes), I barely get any matches… maybe around 1-2 a day at most and would like to know what I should change with my profile?


    Thanks in advanced for any advise 🙂

  2. Hi dear redditors!

    I became single after my 8 year long relationship ended some time ago and decided to try tinder. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could give me about my bio.

    « Cooking enthusiast! May start to make pizzas 8pm.
    Black belt in snuggling.
    Good with my hands as you only need one of me to change a lightbulb.

    Other interests: Gym, running, bouldering, DIY, nature, board- and videogames. »

    I currently dont have many good pictures about me because for the longest time I didnt like being in one. Will post them some other time when i have taken few decent ones.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hey I’m 18 M and I’m kinda new to this so any help would be appreciated. I got a bit of matches and swipes but just wondering if I should change anything since I’m kinda inexperienced on this stuff. I feel my bio could be better but I honestly don’t know what to put there. Thanks!

  4. 25/M/Straight

    2 matches in 3 weeks. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Do I need a new haircut?

    « boston -> SF -> LA

    graduated, solo traveled, then started a career in LA while on the search for the greatest taco socal has to offer »

  5. Let’s do this





    >If your Myers-Briggs is INTJ, I’m going to ask you how you got inside of me.
    >I break into things for a living. Its a fun job.
    >I live alone with my cat, Fatty.
    >If I’m not working, I am:
    >-Performing at a poetry slam
    >-Playing the piano or ukulele
    >-Lifting heavy things at the gym
    >-Volunteering at my local dog shelter
    >5’11 and INFP for those who are curious.

  6. I made some changes, thanks to the feedback I recieved here. Got a new main pic and a video loop made of my latest guitar cover video. Is that a good idea?

    Also, should I switch pic 1 and 8? Which would be the best main photo?

    Gonna do a boost tomorrow night since I get no matches, no likes, even though my profile is pretty decent according to you guys.



    Thank you

  7. 22/M/Straight

    Lurked here long enough, figured I should try my luck and make an account.

    Here are all the photos I have of myself over the past year:

    Any tips on which pics are the least bad? I feel like a lot of the wedding ones might give the impression I’m more Jewish than I really am.

  8. I’m having a problem where I cant add any pictures on android. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but no dice. I’m able to rearrange pictures but any I try to add from any source just keep going with the spinning circle. Anyone got a fix?

  9. Used to do some app dating, but I had trash photos so it was a waste of time. Deleted my account, got some new ones, and would like some feedback so I can start a new one with my best foot forward.

    ^yes ^I ^know ^they’re ^still ^trash ^pls ^be ^mildly ^gentle

  10. 23 M straight
    How is this for a bio?


    Meme lord cum MBA made from export quality boyfriend material.

    Abillity to hold a conversation 9/10
    Sense of Humour 7/10
    Financial and social independence 9/10
    Ability to party 7/10
    Inclination to Movies and TV series 9/10
    Treks and holidays 8/10
    Grammar 10/10

    Strengths – Finance, TV and Movies, treks, Dark humour, political awareness and deep discussions

    Weakness – not 6 feet, cannot sing, my skin, jokes and coffee are of the same tone – dark

    Swipe right for free trial.

  11. Hi all, i have been on tinder for a while, i dont know but just getting decent matches.

    I hope to get a honest review and answer.

    Bio: My fantastic pancake recipe will most probably destroy your diet

    Added some moar photos in the end that i don’t know if i should add.



  12. Reminder, before posting.

    1. Do you follow rule 1
    2. Do you follow rule 2
    3. Do you follow the two previously mentioned rules?
    4. Don’t mind previous rules if your rich or famous.

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