Dating : Are dating agencies relevant anymore?

Dating : Are dating agencies relevant anymore?

I’m a down his luck guy in his mid thirties and I tried it all…tinder…bumble…okcupid…….and even… All have given me jack diddly squat in terms of actual materialzied dates. I head about dating agencies. Are these places still a thing? I just want to see if I’m gonna waste my time and money cause I’ve exhausted all options at this point. How do these work? How much does it cost? What are the success rates? Anyone have any experience with this? Please, help. I’m so f*cking clueless on this.

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  1. Have you tried approaching girls in public? Or joining some type of group. I’m down on my luck too and in my mid 30s. Online dating isn’t working. I’m going to try meeting girls in person.

  2. If you are ready to pay big ass bucks yeah they still exist, but they’re just going to tell you what you don’t want to hear. The type of women you’re going for, aren’t interested in a guy like yourself. They’re going to convince you to settle, or to improve yourself, and that’s going to cost a lot of money to learn.

    If you have an education, and a career, and are fit, and are established / independent, and hopefully own a pet… Then, I say you just keep going out to bars / clubs, using apps, and you just deal with the negative emotions of striking out 99% of the time, because it’s very common.

    Otherwise, get the above in check, and keep going out. You lose 100% of the games you don’t play, and match makers are just psychologists really. At the end of the day, women paying that kind of money for a man, are looking for a tall dark handsome big time baller who is moving and shaking.

    That’s not you, so there’s no reason to subject yourself to that pool of women. You want the pool of women that still haven’t gotten it figured out yet, so the bar / club scene is perfect, plus you can pick up on the sports / dancing girls too.

    Dating for men is a 99% failure rate, dealing with that failure and continuing is why being a man is hard, but you’re strong enough.

  3. Update: So, I guess a couple of women responded on my previous online dating account on OkCupid. The first one is not even my type. She’s slightly on the heavy side but has a cute face…and has « a kid/kids » The other is an Asian girl I’m not particularly excited about. She has a only a working knowledge of the English language and hard to talk to. I always get the women that have kids on already and dont want more on these sites. It pisses me off and breaks my heart because I want start a family one day.

    Online dating is so fucking nerve wracking, too. Here’s my experience with online dating so far: First of all, describing myself is much harder than I thought. Also, in the sites where by both of you « match » or « like » each other theres only a small percentage to where I make an effort to reach out, the other girl responds back. Its heartbreaking and demoralizing. Either that or its a bot trying to get me to send money, send me to a cam site, or my fan favorite have pre-planned responses that have no bearing to my questions and sound like I’m talking to a 4th grader from another country.

    Here’s to another round of miserable dating.

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