Tinder : Profile Review – Week of June 18, 2019

Tinder : Profile Review – Week of June 18, 2019

Post information about you/your profile here and get it reviewed just in time for the weekend.

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  1. [23, M]
    Hello all, I was wondering how my profile looks from a girl’s prespective, do look i boring or unattractive? I rarely get match
    Im not the type that loves taking photos of himself, i take photos to document the moment or something.
    My profile:

  2. Just started, please let me know what you think of my bio and photo( think I just look kinda nervous and weird on my first one )

    Also curious what people’s thoughts are on tinder gold? I really like the idea of being able to see who swiped right on me but I’d love to know if you think it’s worth it? Because the cost of it is just ostensibly not eating out twice or so

  3. Just made tinder three days ago and while I have gotten three matches, none of them have replied or sent me any messages. I’ve messaged all three first but they haven’t even read them. Is that normal?

  4. 20M, let me know what I could improve on. I know the mirror selfie isn’t the most ideal. I couldn’t think of what else I could put there. [here’s my pictures ]( also my bio: I’ve traveled solo for Ultra Miami Music Festival. I’m left handed. I’ve kissed a gator and not a girl so there’s that.

  5. [19M]

    That’s the order the pics are in.
    I’m getting 99+ likes after 2 days since redownloading (went two months without Tinder) and before I was doing a lot worse. But now 5 days after downloading I can go 100 swipes with 2 or fewer matches.

    As well, I live in a well populated area and only a few of my 30 matches are within 10 miles. Still trying to catch the eye of those still passing me over…

    How should I change up the order? What’s a good staging recommendation for a new picture I can take? A few of these shots I took only for Tinder. Is my bio ok? The red marked out part is my college, graduation year, and major.

  6. [27 M]


    I just got out of a relationship like a few others I’ve seen here. I joined Bumble, Tinder, and Hinge so I’m sure it’s me more than the apps or the algorithms or whatever.

    A little bit confused only because the same pictures used to get me likes and dates before but ever since I have been back on, it’s been a ghost town. This goes for all three apps so I’m not sure what I am missing and hoping its something glaring I’m just being oblivious to.

    [nitro41992] prefers to write about himself in the third person.

    [nitro41992] is 6’0 barefoot. With shoes on, usually taller.

    [nitro41992] lives in [place].

    Whiskey makes [nitro41992] happy. Wine makes [nitro41992] flirty.

    [nitro41992] knows his way around a camera.

    « Girls……….. relax.  » -Chris D’Elia

  7. M 21 / straight

    Is this bio funny or just depressing?

    If I was an as seen on TV item I’d be a Shamwow, because I just soak up everything that I get thrown on, get wrung out, then set to the side till the next person needs to use me.

  8. 24 M / Straight.


    Running really fast to end up in the same place I started. Pushing myself up just to let myself down.

    Will send jokes funny enough to make you blow out of your nose slightly harder than normal breathing.


    Appreciate any feedback.


  9. 23/M/Straight

    Bio thoughts? Been tweaking things and my stupid bio that focused way too much on fishing seemed to get more bites (no pun intended) than this one.

    Netflix, fishing, video games, camping, board games, travel, student pilot. Beer over wine.

    2019 travel plans: NYC, Chicago, Minneapolis, Thousand Oaks.

    Just looking for someone that won’t look down on the number of drunk Amazon purchases I make.

    Be my: gym buddy, fling, long term thing, forever gal, let’s see where it goes.

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