Dating : FWB acting like he wants more?

Dating : FWB acting like he wants more?

I know this has been asked several times but nothing really fit my situation.
(Early 20s)

I went on a tinder date and we ended up going skinny dipping and having a great time and hooking up the next night. When I asked him what he was looking for he said nothing serious at the moment and we settled on friends with benefits.

I’m fine with friends with benefits but they’ve been giving me totally mixed signals. For example he gets extremely jealous when he knows I’m hanging out with guys who I might potentially date. He tells his friends about me and they all know who I am. He texts and snaps me 24/7 and does not only want to hang out with me for sex.

Sometimes we just hang out and watch movies and cuddle and rough house.

He got the vibe I felt used and so when we made plans to hang out (I assumed it was a hookup as per usual) he picked me up took me to eat- then took me to the beach at sunset and we walked there for a while before he took me to get ice cream and bought mine when I was waiting in line behind them.

He tries to make me jealous but I don’t let his games work. He will text me all night when he’s out at the bars even though I tell him to go have a good time and that we will talk tomorrow. He also ALWAYS drunk calls me. I’m just confused if he’s starting to come around to the idea of wanting to date me or is worried he’s going to miss out if I start dating someone else.

I’ve been seeing a guy who’s actually looking for something more serious but I’m worried about committing to him when I don’t know what’s going on with this guy.

I was definitely crushing hard at the beginning and now that I’m not I definitely don’t want to get the wrong idea and let feelings get involved.

Sorry for the jumbled mess I’m just confused.

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  1. Personally I don’t think dating more than one person at a time is a good idea, or having a FWB while seeing someone else. I know it’s popular, but I’m I’m not a fan of it. To me when I meet a girl that does that I certainly don’t cherish her. Makes her low value. Just my opinion there. I mean I don’t do it even though I could. Sounds like he is into you. I’d make a decision, if you don’t want a relationship with him, let him find someone who does. Hope it works out for you.

  2. I was fwb with a few women which turned into me wanting to date. Neither turned out well for me. Talk to him about it. State your feelings and make him state his.

  3. Maybe you need to define the relationship. Fwb could mean a lot of things. Is it exclusive? Are you allowed to hook up with other people? Are you allowed to date but not hookup? Is this just fun until you find someone you want a relationship? Questions to discuss and think about for you 2.

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