Tinder : Profile Review – Week of June 25, 2019

Tinder : Profile Review – Week of June 25, 2019

Post information about you/your profile here and get it reviewed just in time for the weekend.

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  1. 35/M/straight


    I am new to this whole Tinder and online dating thing, I’ve never had a relationship or been on a date.


    My profile text:

    I dress preppy, listen to jazz, drink gin & tonic.

    I prefer reading over watching TV. Interested in interior design. Guitar player.


    These are the pics I used:


    I feel I’ve got a oddly poor self perception on my tinder profile, I feel like I should be attracting more woman who have a good sense of humour and are relatively fit and attractive.. the girls who’s profiles I usually am interested in I don’t get a match with.

    Any tips?

    Thanks, I’m going through a few profiles to help out too.

  3. my bio says:

    « I’m a tanned pilot and engineer. Your dream date, but the TSA’s worst nightmare.

    -Will probably give you a fear of flying

    -can fix your laptop

    -gratuitous dad jokes and puns »

    any suggestions?

    I was thinking of shortening it a bit. (currently on bumble)

  4. 24/M/S – Not much luck so far. I’ve completely stopped getting matches recently. Be as brutally honest as you like, it’s raining where I am so it’ll help hide the tears

    Bio: Like Jon Snow I’m incredibly pale and I don’t know anything
    I like music (I spit hot rhymes like all the time), parkour, sports, games, and people who can do cool things I don’t know how to (so I can steal your talents)
    Ask me for a shitty cover of your favourite song!

  5. 18/Straight/Male


    Bio: I mostly spend my time hiking & going to the gym, so someone that would join me for one or both would be great! I’m mostly looking for friends or something casual, but I’m open to it going further too.

    The coolest thing about me is probably that I’ve been bitten by a meerkat, so there’s that.

    I match every now & then, but I’d definitely like to improve, so I’d appreciate any tips on pictures or bio.

    [Extra pictures of me](

  6. 22/M/Straight

    How’s my bio?

    My sense of humor is like my taste in beer: dark. I like spicy food because it makes me feel something inside. Not looking for anything serious.

    I’m an avid gamer, and I enjoy running and hiking. Aerospace engineering major, so I know some rocket science. I’m 5’7″ if that matters.

    B.S. at KU ’19
    M.S. at CU Boulder ’21

    Would you like to know more?

  7. Hello! 28/M/Straight.
    Finally got a recent picture and put it in first place. I never take pictures but this time, someone got to capture me in the wild. I barely get any matches, but it’s okay, I’m not in a rush and I’m simply there to enjoy the ride.
    [Link to profile.](

  8. Straight dude, have my tinder set to Orlando, and also set it to include me in both searches for men and women, had 300 likes in the last 5 hours, but all except 3 were men. I want to model but live in the middle of nowhere, do my pics look good or should I have a few of me smiling?

  9. [](

    18 M, hetero. I am studying in Berlin for the summer, and since arriving, I have gotten way fewer matches. Back home (in the northeastern US) I would get around 20 per week without too much swiping, and here I only get around 3. My bio is (translated from German).

    EN/Some German

    Show me the city!

    (Already in English) Or explore it with me!



    The album has the photos I’ve been swapping around in no particular order

  10. 21 M hetorsexual. Just need advice on my bio below please. I used to have ‘swipe right and I’ll play you a song’ but I removed it because I thought it was cheesy, I but I still think I need something light in there.


    Computer science student on placement year. Just moved to (City), what’s there to do here?

    I like music, MMA, I play the guitar and apparently I’m funny

  11. 25 M, heterosexual, Looking for advice on which photos to use. I’m always going to be pretty niche appeal, with fairly unique looks, but lately have had very low matches (barely anything except bots, as opposed to a few matches a week before). I’ve got feedback before that my bio game has been good, so mostly asking for advice on which photos and perhaps which order to use them in. I personally think photos #1,#7, and #9 are the strongest and have varied which one I lead with. Would some of them perhaps work better as black & white pictures?




    I’m aware that I need better quality (group) photos (ideally with more smiling), and only two of the shots are by professionals (#1 and #7). I’m working on better quality but my mates are just really stingy when it comes to taking pictures, even if I request it, so this is what I have to work with at the moment. Ignore white borders on some of the pictures, it’s for image ratios.


    Thank you!

  12. [Help me with my profile](

    I get matches but not heaps and i’m just wondering what I can do better. I dunno if my profile is like trying to be funny but missing the mark or actually funny. And i don’t know which photo to use or if i need different photos. Help please.

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