Tinder : RIP

Tinder : RIP


By. makingmemesatwork

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  1. You cry & say RIP.

    I say fuck the homie, homeboy. My guy is trying to give you a clear entrance up the back alley. Homie is seeing his man all lonely and wants to help him out like true bro.

  2. even worse when you’re searching for girls as a girl. all you get is threesome requests, catfishers and then 25 straight girls looking for friends and then maybe 2 options in your whole town lmao

  3. I wish I got matches, I even stopped getting bots and it went completely empty for months. It made me super depressed and I spiraled until I deleted every dating app. Good luck to you guys though!

  4. I don’t understand why Catfishers would be this common?

    What … is there that many guys out there wasting their time trying to chat up other guys? I don’t get it. What purpose does it serve

    Perhaps it’s just bots. 99.5% of people on these sites lack that much importance for anyone to put that kind of effort for any reason.

  5. I just have 3 « matches » that I apparently never get to swipe on and never go away. I assume it’s fake but is supposed to give me hope and keep me swiping.

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