Dating : Need help with POF profile

Dating : Need help with POF profile

I haven’t had a profile for awhile and every time I use a dating site I never fill in more than my height. So some help would be good.

I use 3 pics. One of me playing pool bent over the table, one of my face with sunglasses and backwards hat (women always say this is the one that attracted them), and one topless at the beach.

A bit of details about me…. I like to watch baseball and soccer. I don’t mind a few pints with a game or something but I don’t like going out all night drinking. I smoke weed almost nightly. Never dated a girl who smoked regularly. Open to it.

I dont really watch much Netflix. Not big on music. I would probably put I like live music because it’s somewhere to go.

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  1. Post your best looking photos, tell them your height, what you do for work, what you’ve accomplished, and try to make them laugh / engaged in you.

    Then just proceed to message 50000000 women per date, and get like 50 messages a day from spam / scammers.

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