Tinder : Seriously??

Tinder : Seriously??


By. QuitSplash

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  1. That’s one of the things I liked with Tinder, that it didn’t show receipts.
    No stress of knowing if they’ve read it or not and no constant checking.. knowing I have the possibility to know and check makes me anxious (on snao, messenger etc..) so I guess ignorance is bliss

  2. I noticed this option added into settings after the last update and assumed it was just a new feature to toggle on or off. That is fucking hilarious… Tinder is finally grasping at straws after they decided to increase Boost prices from $3.99 to $6.99/ea.


    As stupid as this is, if people actually wanted it then it should be included with the Gold subscription.


    edit: Now that I’m reading this again… the disclaimer below says that your matches can simply toggle off the « send read receipts » option after you already purchased read receipts. How on earth does that benefit the consumer? That’s like saying, « Well you can buy this beautiful used car but the previous owner can take it back at any point in time and no refund will be provided ».

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