Dating : Friend zoned?

Dating : Friend zoned?

This guy I met at work and I have been texting daily basically since I started working there (roughly 2 months now). We’ve hung out a few times and I made the mistake of telling him I was starting to get feelings for him (don’t drink & text lmao). He just said he wasn’t expecting that & that was the end of that conversation. Since then he’s still been texting me and asking to hangout but nothing is happening. Since I had to open my trap I’m kinda keeping my space from him (not texting unless he texts me.. which he does everyday & if the convo kinda dies he’ll continue it, if we go to sit down somewhere I’ll kinda give some space between us, etc). If we’re texting after I get home from work (which I was super late shift now and he super early so he’s usually already asleep) & he’s gonna go to bed he’ll tell me sweet dreams.
Anyway, he hasn’t discussed with me further about feelings but he hasn’t kissed me yet either or even held my hand. Idk if I’m throwing off I don’t like you anymore vibes, if he’s taking it slow, or I’m being friend zoned.
I’ve already made it awkward once I don’t wanna bring it up again!! A peek into our past… I’m currently going through a divorce and he was in a 10 year relationship where he found out she cheated the entire time so he’s a little messed up from it.

I know this is dumb lmao I just forget how the dating world works and I’m too chicken to ask him what’s going on rn so tell me what y’all think.

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  1. I think he might like the attention that you’re giving him. I had a colleague I was happily texting too but he was actually into someone else. It’s possible.

  2. Maybe he wants to take it very slow, perhaps a glimmer of interest is there but he doesn’t want to jump in head first. He seems to be paying you a lot of attention but maybe he just likes female attention. Follow his lead and enjoy the ride. It sucks not knowing, but being too aggressive might come off as too strong for him.

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