Tinder : Story Time – Week of August 12, 2019

Tinder : Story Time – Week of August 12, 2019

Feel free to use this thread to discuss all of your Tinder dates from the past week.

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  1. I think I’m decent looking, maybe a 7 or 8.
    I joined tinder a week ago and I got 10 matches within like 2 days but now it’s just 1 or 2 every other day. Still, I’ve gotten a few snapchats and I have 2 dates coming up. I like this app!

  2. Joined tinder after years of avoiding it for whatever reason, surprisingly had way more luck than I expected, went on dates with about a dozen girls over the course of a month, and now I’ve been exclusively dating one girl for about six weeks and I’m meeting her Mom this weekend. Shit’s been good.

  3. Apparently I can’t win. A girl gets pissed off when I want to meet up later on the weekend (like 5 days away), and another gets pissed off when I try to arrange something sooner in the week (within 2 days). Both had conversations that went on for a couple of days so it wasn’t like I asked for a meetup straight out of the gate.


    Are all girls on Tinder crazy or am I just having bad luck?

  4. In this weeks version of “I need to end shit with fwb/trip boy”….like I really need to….I saw he unmatched me and updated his pictures which means he knew I’d see him in my feed….holy guac I’m so heated….but it’s been like a year of me dancing around my feelings for him I need to get a grip and let him go cuz clearly im too attached and will only get hurt more in the future lol

    I guess I can just tell him that I have feelings for him and clearly he doesn’t feel the same way so let’s end things now before it gets more serious…but we were also planning another trip…omg lack of communication between us is really coming to bite me in the butt now

  5. Went on a date Sunday and had a great time. The guy is really nice and I think we mesh well. I’m going to ask him for a second date.

  6. Damn these things can be a jip. On bumble I’ll have maybe 1 like every couple weeks. If I shell out for the spotlight crap I’ll get 1-5 likes
    after 30 min (mostly women I’m not interested in since matches are rare, but nevertheless).

  7. Update to: [](

    I’m just over two months on from my last update. Aerialist and I decided to take the next step over the weekend by agreeing to introduce each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. So far this is the most healthy start to a relationship I’ve ever had. We enjoy each other’s company, are always able to converse, share a lot of the same goals and interests, and when there seems to be conflict we are able to communicate effectively, then resolve and plan for the future. For the first time in a long time I actually feel loved by a SO, and not just in an emotional kind of way, but also in a very tangible way. From our discussions, she feels the same way. Oh yeah, and the sex is great!

    Until next time, happy Tindering!

  8. So I’m talking to this girl and I think she’s really cute and she’s funny and smart but she only has 700 followers on Instagram and my attraction quickly faded. Ugh I don’t know what to do. I want to like her I really do but that low count is very off putting to me. I wish there was a way to add a requirement to the people that you can match with. Like I would put that only people with 5K followers and up.

    Maybe I’ll just hit it and quit it idk, but I know I don’t actually go out with her anymore.

  9. Hey guys, so I joined Tinder 24 hrs ago to the hour as an experiment. All I included were pictures; no bio or anthem. Within that time frame, I have acquired 35 matches, 21 potential matches, and 7 conversations self-initiated by women I matched with. Now, I did not come to Tinder to hook up or really find a relationship but more to see what the fuss about « never finding matches » is. That’s why I included no bio or extra info besides my photos – to make it difficult to get matches. Here is my takeaway from this experience so that perhaps others can gain more matches and dates.

    1. Learn how to dress. Join r/malefashionadvice . Start following fashion accounts that post outfits you think are cool. Start shopping for clothes that fit your build and style well. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone either here; you honestly never know what might look good when the whole outfit is put together. And it doesn’t have to be expensive too; stores like Rosses have a pretty good selection if you hunt around.
    2. Lear self-care. Get a proper haircut that matches what your age group is currently attracted to OR what looks best on you. For me (22yr Asian male), fades are what are most common now. Learn how to style your hair and maintain it. Skin care is highly important, especially for those like me that are prone to cysts and keloid scars. Washing your face often, apply acne cream, etc.
    3. Go to the gym! Planet Fitness is $5 a month. Anyone can afford that. And honestly, everyone has at least an hour a day to get off their ass and workout. I work 12 hour days as a nurse and still get up at 4am to get my gym session in. Not only is it good for overall health, but it will improve your attraction physically and build self-confidence.
    4. Have no expectations. This is Tinder. People are on here for a variety of reasons; friends, relationships, hook ups, etc. None of these people owe you anything and neither you to them. Be confident, be sincere, and just don’t be a douche guys. Half of the conversations I have had already a girl has remarked that I’m the first dude to appear nice and genuine on here without asking « dtf » or « nudes » within the first few lines.
    5. Take good pictures. You want matches? Tinder is nearly all about first glance appearances unfortunately. That’s why it’s important to do steps 1-3; to look your best in pictures AND in person. Go to some photogenic places, don’t be afraid to pose, and have a friend take photos for you. Even look up posing of some « insta models » because honestly a lot of them have it down for the kinds of photos you should be taking. Minor after shot tweaks such as saturation, brightness, or shadowing tweaks can vastly improve a picture as well but they should be subtle.

    That’s my brief summary of what I have learned from this experience. Drop questions or bio reviews below if you want! Hoping someone can have a good takeaway from my advice above.

    And lastly, proof and pictures: [](

  10. Been seeing this girl I matched with on tinder for about two months. Big problem is I go to college in a different city than where I live for the summer. She also has lots of baggage I didn’t know about, so I’m about to break things off with her. Guess it’ll be back to tinder eventually, but I deleted my account when I got with her. Maybe I’ll take some time away from it.

  11. I had a Monday night Tinder date last night which is rare for me because usually I have to be up Monday-Friday at 4am for work. The date went well. We grabbed some sushi at a place that was close to the both of us. Conversation flowed well and we had a lot of laughs. Before leaving we set up a second date for Saturday and honestly I was excited to see her again. When I got home at around 9:30 last night she asked if she could call me. I agreed as I wasn’t tired yet and we ended up talking for 3ish hours. It was nearly 1 am and I told her I had just noticed the time and I had to be up for work at 4 am. So I said good night, put my phone on airplane mode and went to sleep.

    When I woke up this morning and took my phone off airplane mode I was spammed with 42 text messages from her. The messages started off with how much she liked talking to me and was so excited to see me again then they turned more sexual. She was telling me she wished I was there right now so that we could have sex. Then she sent me this long paragraph telling me in detail what she wanted to do to me and asked me to come over. Then I got 30 or so messages asking why I wasn’t responding and if she had gone to far and that if I still wanted to see her Saturday. The last message I got was her telling me to go fuck myself for not responding and to lose her number.

    I had told her I was going to sleep. Thank god for Airplane mode. Bullet dodged, her numbers been blocked and I deleted the text convo off my phone. Now I’m left extremely tired at work today and disappointed that I wasted my time last night.

  12. So update from last week. Last wensday I went on a date with 28 year old and I realized early on it wasn’t gonna work out. The date was honestly just boring but I found my favorite beer right after the date which I can never find, so little miracles lmao. Sunday I had a way better date with a girl that really likes pink. She accidentally locked herself out of her apartment and so instead of getting drinks. We spent the date talking outside her building while waiting for a locksmith. I wasn’t expecting much but it was actually a lot of fun despite it getting derailed. I’m seeing her again Thursday. A date from 2 weeks ago went on a trip right after but Wednesday I’m getting her from the airport after work and Saturday she’s coming with me to an 80s party. Life’s pretty good right now, especially since I’m just enjoying it

  13. Hooked up with a trans girl, spent the day sexting even at work and then in the early am hours I snuck into her parent’s place. Only bad part was we had to be super quiet. :/

  14. I went on a date with this girl who I super liked and I spent the entire date talking about how many Instagram followers I had and how important it is for my brand to only be associated with attractive and or rich people.

    She unmatched me and I think blocked my number. I feel like I ruined something good because she was really pretty and her parents house was nice so she comes from money

  15. You know how in porn you watch all this degenerate filth and it’s all exciting in the moment but after you’re done you almost feel ashamed of yourself? I feel like that happens to women but IRL once the excitement of the date wears off.

    I went on one date, museum followed by drinks (at her suggestion), all in all about 7 hours. She said she doesn’t sleep with guys on the first date if she wants to see them again, so I should take that as a good sign she’s not sleeping with me just yet but all the way home we stop every few minutes for a mini make out session, and in between them she’s saying literally the most explicit things such as « I can’t wait to have every inch of you inside me. » We get to her house she says she can’t let me in but I should text her when I’m home. So I did and got a few half hearted responses. Suggested another date 2 days later, got no response, and unmatched and deleted her number on the 3rd day. I may have been too hasty. Should have given it about 5. She still has my number though. Part of me is still hoping she reaches out, as sad as that seems.

    Went on another first date, meant to be just drinks but she suggested dinner straight after. Date goes very well she asks me in the middle of it for a second date, I say yes and the date continues onward. She’s new to the city so we just strolled around talking for the next hour, no destination in mind. Lots of kissing and hand holding. We go our separate ways, she texts me when she’s home thanking me for a lovely date and says she’d like to take me to one of those cinemas with a sofa for two people to chill on and I say that sounds nice. She’s only free on weekends so on Wednesday I text her asking if we’re still on for the cinema this weekend. No response. On Friday I send another text saying « If work’s got you too stressed and you want to hit things we can go mini golf instead? » and then she goes « Sorry for the late reply, mini golf sounds good! » We meet, and any attempts at physical contact are not reciprocated at all. Towards the end of the date I asked her why she opted for mini golf instead and she said she’s seen a lot of movies recently. The cynic in me believes she regrets asking for the second date (probably met someone she likes better) and was too polite to cancel so she agreed to mini golf because it’s shorter and it’s not exactly a romantic environment. She says she’ll text me to set up a 3rd date. Doubt it.

  16. I was seeing this guy for a week and we just chill at his place. We didn’t do anything besides watching Netflix and talk. Then out of nowhere, he told me not to fall for him. I was looking for something serious so we stopped talking and I went back on Tinder and now he wants to start over. I guess the compliments that I gave him went to his head and he thought he could do better. I moved on. No second chances for someone who ruined their own chance LOL.


    I had been talking to this very cute British guy on tinder and snap for about three days and he was REALLY excited about wanting to go see The Lion King. When he asked I told him that I would go with him but I really wanted to just watch the movie and not use it as an excuse to make out. He was fine with this.

    About an hour before the date he starts blowing up my Snapchat asking when I was going to pick him up. This was news to me, as we hadn’t met yet and I was under the impression we would meet at the theatre. We compromised saying he would meet at the theatre and I would drive him home.

    We met up at the theatre and he wasn’t as cute as his pictures which was disappointing but not a dealbreaker. He was also very twitchy and impulsive but I thought that it was not the end of the world and that it’s only two hours of my night.

    He buys the tickets and popcorn and we go into the showing and it seemed like we were going to be the only people in the theatre. I like to sit in the middle and told him so but he brought us to this little dark corner of the back row and got a little irritated when I said I didn’t like being so far back. I agreed to sit where he wanted and waited for the previews come on (which I think are almost better than the movie).

    He’s on his phone most of the time for the previews and the ads before the previews instead of talking to me which was irritating but I had already decided I didn’t want to see him again so I wasn’t broken up about it. He then starts playing Snapchat videos out loud IN THE THEATRE (which is in general one of my biggest pet peeves outside of a theatre).

    A few other couples came in and so did a family and he flipped out when he saw the kids and kept saying that if they were loud he was going to yell at them and they would have to “catch his hands”. I didn’t laugh the first time and said they were just kids and that would be unnecessary and he kept making the joke over and over again saying that we were at the “adult portion” of this kids movie.

    The movie finally starts and he kept talking really loud to me and pulling out his phone. I’m okay with a little whispering here and there but I didn’t want to be spoken to at room volume.

    And then he starts touching me all over my thighs and arms and has his legs spread so wide open in his seat that I’m not even in my seat anymore. I’ve been moving my hand away or seeming busy, trying to make it very clear I don’t want him touching me he’s trying to rip my hand away from my popcorn to hold it. He also started pawing at my leg and grabbing me super high up on my things. I began to panic and ran to the bathroom because I thought I might throw up.

    I was physically shaking for a few minutes and he texted me saying he was sorry if he did anything wrong and that he’s very nervous and was excited to be on a date with me. So I told him that he was being very pushy and was making me really uncomfortable and he apologized. During the rest of the movie he didn’t try to touch me again which I was very grateful for. I was fully prepared to leave the movie if I had to.

    Because he changed his behavior I drove him back to his host family’s house and when he shared his location with me on Snapchat, his house appeared to be in a more populated area than it was. I had to drive him down this long windy road into the woods and he couldn’t remember which house was his so I made him get out where the gps said his stop was and walk the way home.

    I don’t really know what I was expecting to happen but it certainly was not that.

  18. Went out with 2 chicks in a week, both dates ended in consummation. One girl I’ve been seeing a bit since.

    Both girls I talked to a bit and asked out on the day we matched, might be on the something.


    I’ve been on two dates with a guy I like, we have good chemistry and meaningful conversations. I would love to date him more, and eventually have sex BUT unfortunately there’s BO coming in between. He’s great so far, and I don’t want to let it all go because he has poor hygiene. On the other hand, it’s such a low requirement from my side, that I just want a guy that knows how to use soap and water. I shouldn’t have to tell a grown man that he needs to shower and wear clean clothes. I there a nice way to tell a person « I think you’re great and I want to keep seeing you, but you smell », or should I just drop it? It feels like I’m setting the bar really low now, even considering to keep seeing a guy that smells like sweat. He’s cute though, and has the kind of sensitive male personality I’m drawn towards.

    Extra info/PSA: This year, I’ve been on dates with 16 different guys I’ve met on Tinder, and five of them smelled like sweat, their hair was greasy, they had dirt under their nails etc. That’s basically a third. There are far, far too many guys out there that don’t take care of their personal hygiene. Guys who read this, please look after yourselves. It’s not about trying to change your look or you being ugly, just shower with soap OK. Not asking for much. Thank you for listening to my TED talk

    EDIT: He just updated his Tinder bio and added the line « Not here for a relationship ». I’ll just drop this one, thanks for your advice guys

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