Dating : Advice about a girl I’m casually dating

Dating : Advice about a girl I’m casually dating

Hey guys,

Met this girl a 4 years ago, became best friends and started dating about 6 month after that. Relationship moved really fast and was really serious, then we broke up. We were on and off for about a year, then she met this guy, and they dated for a year, while her and I stayed friends. Her and that guy broke up, and a few months later we started dating again (that’s now). Now, she said she just wants to casually « date » and not be in anything serious, just because she doesn’t think it’s possible for us to be just friends but says she can’t imagine her life without me. How do I make her want to date me seriously? Or how do I convince her to date me seriously? Keep in mind this is a weird situation since we’ve been such good friends for so many years. Any help would be much appreciated!

What do you think?


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  1. For how long have you been dating casually now? Nothing’s wrong with doing that for a couple of months, especially considering your history. Personally, if I’d ever date my ex again, I would make sure it would be casual for a long time.

    Otherwise 03slampig has a point. If this is not what you want and you are not willing to wait, you should explore other options.

  2. You don’t convince her you just be yourself….

    for example… if you do a nice thing for her it’s because that’s what you do and not because you hope it will make her like you….

    for example…..

    me and this girl at work have good rapport and she appreciates me…. in return sometimes, I bring her pineapples …. I bring her pineapples because I want to do nice for her and she appreciates it… I don’t do it in hopes I get more points from her…

    she values what you are in her life but doesn’t wanna jeoprodize it for romance… show her romance won’t jeopardize it… continue to be who you are, added sweet talk and everything may be ok

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