Tinder : Story Time – Week of July 01, 2019

Tinder : Story Time – Week of July 01, 2019

Feel free to use this thread to discuss all of your Tinder dates from the past week.

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  1. I’ve hooked up with a guy for the first time in forever through tinder. We talked openly beforehand – I’m kind of submissive in bed and he’s pretty dominating so it went really well and he seemed super into me. We talk constantly on viber since then, he’s saying how great it was, and we make plans to meet again but he’s repeatedly blown me off in the last minute on multiple occasions. I’m basically offering to go to this guy’s place, suck him off and fuck him, but he prefers to go to sleep instead. He’s not hiding a wife or anything – he lives with a male roommate. My ego is totally bruised 🙁

  2. Guys I need help…I’m new to relationships and this guy is sending mixed signals. We met up for a first date hours after talking and it went by like a blur. He texted me after and said he was nervous since I was much prettier in person…wow, I was floored. He kept complimenting me and seemed excited. Then we have our second date which in my opinion was extremely awkward. He texts me a day later and the tone’s changed. His texts seem more distant and I’m disappointed but hey, if he’s not interested, what can I do? Then he asks if we want to be cuddle buddies…I’m just confused. How does one go from very interested, to not interested, to asking to buddy up? Unless that’s a euphemism for sex (he said he doesn’t do hookups though)

  3. This girl said she doesnt want to hook up anymore because I fucked her too hard and because she doesnt like car sex.

    After we had sex, I asked her what could be improved and she never mentioned sex being too rough. All she said was that she doesnt like car sex. I told her repeatedly after that day that we dont have to have car sex and ive been inviting her to MY HOUSE after that day. SMH

  4. I’ve been on and off Tinder for like 7 months already but lately getting so little matches and no messages lol… damn should I quit

  5. Well it’s that time again, after yet another date (a second one this time so progress I guess?) ending with « I don’t feel the spark and don’t want to continue with this » I’m officially getting out of the dating scene before I get even more disillusioned

    Let the great app deleting commence!

  6. I just got a « Your contact ——- (@——-) is on Twitter! » notification of a Tinder scammer who joined Twitter. This might be the best use of Twitter ever. No « dude », I’m not going to Venmo you any money for the girl photos you posted on Tinder.

  7. Advice needed:
    I’m a girl, and I’ve been chatting with this guy for a few days and he seems nice but I don’t think I’m that into and there’s another match that I’ve been seeing more consistently now, so I’m thinking about disabling my account.

    He just asked for my number to move off the app, what’s the best way to decline nicely. I feel like I might have been leading him on.

  8. Im going to be getting naked with a tinder match for the first time ever pretty soon here. I’m nervous because I’ve got a little bit of a belly (not fat, just a little pooch belly). I typically wear tight pants and flowy shirts to hide it so I’m scared he’s gonna be turned off. Do guys care about that sort of thing?

  9. Not much of a story but I’m not single anymore, praise tinder hallelujah! We deleted our profiles today. He’s everything I’ve been looking for. For the first time in a very long time I’m not just projecting my own feelings onto someone else, he genuinely likes me as much as I like him.

  10. I’m still dating the girl I matched with on Hinge back in April. Things are going great, she has gotten me into Chicago twice now for different events, which I don’t normally do even though I live pretty close. We have met each other’s families and everything, and have a pretty full summer of things planned.

  11. Been wanting to hook up with an old hook up. We met on Tinder, hooked up for a while, it ended, months later match again on Tinder. Unfortunately, we couldn’t pull a time together. Been about a month now. Thinking of hitting her up with a quick “You should come say hey” or maybe “free tonight?” But I should probably be more aggressive. Don’t think being polite or overall considerate is going to work. You’d have to know the girl I guess. Any advice on what I should say to catch her attention and close this deal? If she shoots me down, I’m not entirely worried about it. Closing the deal tonight would be legit though.

  12. Not a date but still funny & terrifying.


    I decided to subscribe to tinder gold for a month to see who likes me and make it easier to find people I’m compatible with. It was all fun and games until I saw that my manager swiped me.


    I have so much regret.

  13. Sorry not sorry in advance for the wall of text… TLDR at the bottom.


    Got back from my trip from Honduras with the FWB and didn’t post her like I had asked about [to post or not to post]( But that other girl I was asking about messaged me like everyday regarding my trip but still can’t commit to anything (gonna just wait this out but not get my hopes up). We both had dope pics thanks to my GoPro that will help step up my social media/OLD game and we clearly didn’t include each other on any social media posts (we know what this is) when we were flexing about how cool the trip was. Got scuba certified, it was freaking dope.


    Got back on tinder. Gonna rant real quick bc these guys are getting greedy af lol. Only way to match now seems like to boost otherwise it feels like you won’t get as many matches. AND they raised their price to $7 from $5 lol WTF?! It’s still king so I oblige 🙁 lol. Bumble, girls either never message and if they do they’ll either never respond to my response or if it gets that far they’ll never agree to go on a date. Hinge is hit or miss sometimes it’s great othertimes it’s dry af. So I’m gonna resort a little more on OKC and Tinder of course, and gonna try and step up my real world interactions bc these apps ain’t cutting it. In a year I’ll probably just give in and get on Match during the cuddle season. I’m 28 and this ish is getting old lol.


    Story time! Still working through the matches but I get one to agree on a date with me yesterday after chatting since Sunday. She is foreign from South America and her English isn’t there. Luckily my Español is like 75% but once you start using bigger words I’ll be like QUE?! Anyways she has fake boobs and her face is meh but I wanted new tail so I was like why not.. Well as we are talking about the plan and stuff I said drinks and she was like ‘glad you picked that place bc it has great food.’ I rebuttal saying let’s just do drinks bc I’m on keto and don’t want to eat late etc etc. I only prefer drinks bc it’s cheaper for a first date and if it gets awkward I don’t have to wait for her/myself to finish burger or whatever messy food we are eating before I can dip. She’s offended and I finally give in… Should’ve cancelled here obvio. She talks about how guys only want one thing, she tells me about how she’s not impressed with money, talks about how she told her aunt about how she was gonna go on a date and that I said no food and how her aunt suggested cancelling after hearing that (wish she had). We go to another bar so I can get cheaper/better food. Get a drink there and sit next to each other at a booth at a more secluded bar and I go for a kiss but she turned to her cheek. I pull a want to go to my place to see my puppy. « Nice try but no. Anyways I had a great time » told her to message me when she gets home and she does and says a few other stuff but by this time I’m mentally checked out…. I think she’s still interested but I’m not. Especially not after spending $100 on a first date that led nowhere and I don’t see GF material with. Luckily I got another chick to come over. I’m gonna let her message me and see what’s up but tbh I’m not interested in shelling out another $100 for another date that I don’t see long term potential with.


    TLDR: Trip to Honduras was fun with the FWB. Got cool pics. Rant about dating apps and how I am going to try more real life encounters for dates so that I can make actual interactions and stop with the superficial BS that comes with dating apps. Had a date that with a chick with fake big boobs that asked me to also offer dinner with drinks and I obliged like a sucker and ended up paying $100 and didn’t feel great after the date.

  14. Second date was like a month ago, she has since then been busy and we « couldn’t » meet up because of that. Super frustrating and I know I should’ve nexted her a long time ago.

  15. I matched with this girl about 3 weeks ago, super similar interests and ideas. At one point she mentions how’s she’s going out of state to visit someone for a few days (which I assumed was a family member or close friend).

    So when I actually met her in person last week I asked about details of her trip and she told me she was going to visit her boyfriend, and when I acted surprised she said « oh I don’t what you thought, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea or anything ».

    That was my first date too so that set the bar really low for any future ones.

  16. It’s been two months since I got my profile reviewed here and it’s really helped me out (thanks guys!) and I’ve been getting enough matches to where I could even consider fielding multiple dates at a time.


    Here’s the problem though: While in the past I’d have a rest period after unsuccessful dates where I can recharge, start swiping again, and move on, I find myself now stuck in a loop where I have to keep my current matches going after others fail and it’s been wearing me out a bit. But I feel I have to keep them going because for guys these opportunities come few and far in between. For example, right now I’m being ghosted by one of my best matches this year after a month of calling and FaceTiming but also just started talking to another girl who’s very cute but not at the same rapport. While talking to the latter has made being ghosted a little more tolerable, I feel like I’ll be disappointed if I keep comparing the two. Is talking to multiple girls the best way of moving on, or is taking a break?

  17. A’ight! New kid on the block here, hey 🙂

    Nothing scintillating; but I have been on Tinder for 4 years now (2 countries); after breaking up from a ‘serious’ teenage univ relationship. Not inherently good with dating, coming from a small town in Asia .. hustling to up the game and ace this shit someday (read experience hunting).

    Been getting 3-4 matches a week lately, but either the conversations drop or I lose interest after a date (Been on 3-4). Lil’ frustrated to not be getting anything exciting out, but hanging tight!

    Trying my hand with Bumble/Hinge too, but guess I need to be more focused and get the dynamics right; or I am giving this too much thought not sure. Good to read about people sailing smoothly in this forum tho, keeps me going..

    ..can’t wait to post a good story when I have one, Thanks for coming to my TED talk ! Ciao

  18. Holy FUCK, I just had the best first date of my life. It was awkward for maybe 5 minutes, but the rest was amazing. We got dinner, then dessert (sat at the frozen yogurt place for about 1 hour talking), drove around and talked more, then went to this old park near my house at like midnight and hung out there for a few hours because neither of us wanted to say goodnight!!! We also had such a great first kiss, wasn’t awkward at all which is rare for me hahahahaha

    I’ve also promoted from being called “bro” to “baby” so we’re basically married already I think? It was just amazing and he didn’t get home until like 3 am and has to wake up for work at 5:30 but this mans didn’t even care :’)

    I’m only 20 so I’m not really in a rush to get cuffed or anything BUT this guy may change my mind wowowowoww I’m still in awe

  19. I went on a second date with this guy I met from Tinder. It was sooo awkward, but I still like the guy. I feel like he’s not into it anymore given how awkward the second date was. I’m usually too forgiving of people in their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd impressions so I’d like to see him again. We texted a bit after but the conversation died off and I could tell he wasn’t as invested in it. My thoughts are to give it a day or two, and then text him about something random. I’ll pace my responses and see where it goes. Does this sound ok?

  20. Feel like giving up on dating all together…… been over a year since I’ve been on a date, barely get any matches across multiple apps, the matches I do get convo leads to nowhere, have a hard time talking to girls irl because 1) I don’t know their age so I could be hitting on an underage girl or someone 5 years older than me, can never tell these days, and 2) don’t know their relationship status

    I’m so fricking lonely it hurts

  21. Guys, I need help. I’m running out of ways to tell guys how big their dick is, how good it is, how deep it goes…whatever.

    I don’t understand why this is so important to men, but enough insist on asking me during sex about how big it is and how much I like it that…I guess it just is what it is.

    But guys…you got the call back after the audition. I have cum on your fingers, your face, your cock, and now that it’s your turn you’re questioning it?

    Here’s a secret boys…we don’t remember your cock size unless it’s too big or too small. Everyone else just falls into « has a penis » land.

    I will remember though, the fact that you made me resort to trying to remember lines from every bad porn I’ve ever seen so you can cum. That shit lasts forever.

  22. Nice boobs / cleavage shots really change my perception of a girl. I’ve been messaging this girl who I probably don’t have anything in common with cuz she has a low-cut dress in one of her pics with C’s.

  23. Does tinder get hotter in the summer? Not sure but the influx of hotties lately has been tempting for me to come out of hibernation. Usually swipe right on 1/30 guys or something and lately it’s been more like 8/30.

  24. Decided to re-install Tinder whilst in Switzerland and things went quite well. On my last day here we had a great date, clicked and made out a ton. She said she wants to do it again, but I’m leaving Switzerland. I told her I was and said I’ll be back next month, and I will be, visiting some folks, and she said she’d wait and that this time we might go further, which I’m excited for. But I can’t keep coming back every month. So what do I do?

  25. I had completely given up on tinder but last week I went on a date with a guy and we’ve been talking and seeing each other constantly since. I really think I found a good thing here guys! I’m so excited to see where it goes.
    I never ever thought I would saying this but, thanks tinder!

  26. Met up with a girl on tinder. Paid for her burger and we hooked up in the car. I dropped her back home and she sent me a dm « thanks for the date and dick. » Sweet. I asked if shes down to do this again. She says yes. we exchange more messages but after that night, shes been replying with one word sentences. I asked if shes down sometime this week. She says she’ll let me know. Why is it so hard for me to get consistent sex? Also…whenever any girl says « ill let you know » it seems like its pretty much a no.

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