Dating : Approaching Anxiety

Dating : Approaching Anxiety

So recently I tried talking to this cute girl on my campus a couple times, and both times I spoke to her I was feeling well, but moments into the conversation my anxiety skyrocketed. Do y’all have any tips for staying relaxed and comfortable when approaching someone?

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  1. Deep breaths man. Just remember she is just as awkward as you.

    Confidence…it’s tough to have it but even if you fake it, it’s ok.

  2. I think one thing that might help is knowing only you know that you’re nervous. I’ve been somewhat anxious sometimes but I never let it show. I maintain my composure and others are none the wiser. If you mess up, play it off like a funny mistake (blah blah I swear I’m usually better at English). You could also imagine a booger in their noes if that sort of thing helps you

  3. Just practice talking to girls in general,and the anxiety will go down over time. Try socializing with girls,not even to ask them out. If you don’t talk to girls,you will always have that anxiety

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