Tinder : Story Time – Week of June 10, 2019

Tinder : Story Time – Week of June 10, 2019

Feel free to use this thread to discuss all of your Tinder dates from the past week.

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  1. I get barely any matches with girls and nobody I swipe on will match back. I switched it to men and got over 50 likes within 30 minutes.

    Do women not see enough profiles anymore, am I 10x more attractive as a gay man, are men on Tinder the least picky people of all time, or a combo of all?

  2. On tinder for 2 days. Was working 100 miles from home and matched with a local lady. Arranged to meet up and she was even more beautiful than her pictures suggested. We have now been together 4 months and she is the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met. Spend every weekend together

  3. Tonight I had a fun and interesting conversation with a guy and we moved the conversation over to snapchat and I could tell he was not really digging after a while it by his short answers, so I thought oh well we’ll see if it continues- maybe he’s tired or busy. Well he said he was going to bed and I’ll talk to you tomorrow, and just now I checked my snap and he had removed me as a friend and I checked my tinder and he had removed me there as well. I knew that was most likely going to be the outcome, but it is still disappointing. Oh well, moving on moving up!

  4. No story, but Tinder’s dynamic pricing just hit me with the « fuck you hammer ». For a pack of 10 boosts, it costs $50 now.

    I think I started at $25 for 10.

  5. Been chatting with a guy for a few weeks. Met in person, hit it off (I thought so) annnnnd ghosted. I know it’s the way of life these days but it still feels like a sucker punch to the gut.

    Just keep swiping.

  6. Ok. 20M. Introvert af.

    Made tinder and have had quite a bit of success on it in terms of quality and quantity of matches. And most have been responsive.

    Me being new to this dating shit… I accidentally have agreed to 3 dates with 3 different people, planned to take place in the same week. And all are super pretty…

    I was just going along with each convo with the objective being the date… but only realised now that I told them all next week, let’s meet up.

    Now I’m anxious and overwhelmed…. thinking to cancel on 2 out of the 3 but if I cancel I’ll probably not get another chance cos they’re actually fineeeee.

  7. Some girl literally just matched me, few minutes said she doesn’t want small talk and asks if I want to hook up? Profile says shes 18 and has 5 photos of her. You guys think this legit?

  8. LMAO matched with easily the hottest girl I’ve ever matched with on here or that’s ever given me attention… Her bio is something about tinder making her expectations low, so I message her with a what are the odds that I exceed her already low expectations, then ask to get a drink after she replied… Explains she doesn’t want anything serious and I agree and ask if she’d prefer I ask her to come straight to my place sight unseen. All of a sudden she’s all about it. I don’t understand wanting immediate sex without even talking to the person first. I know this is tinder but maybe I’m old fashioned in thinking this stuff should at the very least escalate from a date. Many won’t understand despite her 10/10ness but it’s gotta be a no from me dawg.

  9. Was chatting this girl up, let’s call her M, for a few days on Hinge. Eventually got the number and started texting. Mid conversation she stops replying. I’m like okay… it’s been two days now and I’ve deleted her number. Wish I had this mentality years ago

  10. You ever get very skeptical when you match with someone who is much more attractive than yourself? I’d say I’m average, maybe slightly above but this girl is out of this world. Im even surprised her responses have been more than 1 word and is actually contributing to the conversation.

    Hell, I even did the whole reverse image search to see if I wasn’t being catfished, so far so good. But damn, I’m still skeptical as shit..

  11. Matched with this geek girl. Teased her with a little Mario kart and challenged her. She seemed to be on so I asked if she knew about this geek bar where you can go play. Gave her my number and told her to msg me since my Tinder kind of bugs. She just answered that she knows the place(so she ignore the msg with my number). Not sure where to go from here haha

  12. Took me a minute to get my shit together so I’ve been away for a while and now became active again. 26/M., super average looking dude with a small belly, 5’8.


    Match with this super hot foreign girl. She’s smart. Interesting. But conversation goes really weird as she starts asking where I work, where I love, how much I earn, what car I drive (I don’t), do i own my house or rent one and so on… at one point I just ask her directly if she’s a golddigger ’cause I ain’t no sugardaddy. She gets super offended, flames me a bit and then unmatches me. Umm.. not sure what to make of that.


    Match with this super, super hot girl. Give my best to have funny, interesting stuff to say, convo rolls well and at one point i transfer it over to actually meet up, she even compliments me several times how fucking smooth that was. And then goes mute. Sure feels a complete time waste even trying to sound interesting if they have no intention in meeting up. But whatever.


    Match with this super cute, super smart, super nerdy girl. My type for sure. I don’t get the convo rolling at all but I manage to set up logistics, she lives in another city but I am willing to go all the way to meet her, I think she was somewhat impressed by that and agreed.

    I organize a picnic and a quiz game, we match insanely well, kissing and cuddling. She had already warned me beforehand she is going to visit her mother later, so no biggie. We end it there. Move the convo to facebook, set up a new date for next weekend, that time she comes to my city. Weekend arrives. We meet, I try to set up some events (darts, best hotdogs ever and VR session)… and it’s cold. Everything. Mutual conversation, chemistry, physical touch. Anything and everything. Nothing. Nada. I’m mind-blown, neither are feeling a thing. We both agree this sucks. Oof.

    Fuck it, match with this another girl, bit less cute but still pretty nerdy. Not a party girl. Cool. Talk for a minute and agree to meet for next weekend. She hearts basically all of my Tinder sentences. Stay talking with her meanwhile. Day arrives and she ghosts me. Doesn’t even unmatch me, just goes mute.


    Starting to feel that Tinder isn’t for me or I just am not good looking enough. Confidence is taking a hit. Meet up this girl mid-week for just a beer. She’s cute, smart, nerdy, we share interests and ambitions. We hit it insanely well off. Convo non-stop, great physical match, essentially just 4 hours of us making out in public, while sober. Dayum. Pretty happy.


    Two weeks of grind, dozens of swipes, lot of rejections but here we are.

  13. I have met a guy that I really like. We have the same interests, we are carrier-oriented people and we share the same sense of humour.

    We have met 2 times. Once we started at a bar and end-up to his place. We didn’t have sex cause he doesn’t do it on the first date (which turned me even more on lol). The second time, he came directly at my place and we talked for hours until the sun rised. We didn’t had sex then too ’cause I had my PMS. It really clicked between us and really enjoyed spending time with him!

    After that, few days later, he told me that he was seeing a lot of females friends with whom he has sex. This turned me off more than it should have… Even if I don’t want a serious relationship right now, I wouldn’t like to be « one of the women » on his list that he can just call and have sex with whenever he feel like it! I was straight foward with him, told him my feelings, and he said he understood and that we would be only friends from now on, even if he do really like me. But he is not ready to be « exclusive ».

    We are still talking most everyday, but didn’t saw each other since this discussion. But I do realy like him and I would love to see him again… Even have sex. But I don’t know what to do with him « seeing a lot of girl at the same time ». Any ideas what to do from now on?

    Edit: Id like to add that even if we didn’t have sex, we did have some « proximity » and I know we would be very compatible on sex too!

  14. A guy I’ve been hooking up with for a past couple weeks just told me he genuinely likes me and is only interested in seeing me exclusively. I was honestly surprised – when we first matched, we had agreed that we were both looking for something casual, especially since I recently ended a long term relationship. He told me he knows I’m still seeing other people and isn’t going to pressure me to make things exclusive and I can take my time to figure things out. I guess I’m still figuring out my feelings on the matter since I do really like spending time with him.

  15. Reading all these horror stories about people getting ghosted and let down after the first date and it’s making me so nervous lmao. I had a superb first date with this girl I talked to for three weeks that ended with me spending the night at her place and us making out and cuddling (she doesn’t fuck on the first date). And we’ve already set up a date for Friday that she seems super excited about. Those signs make me think it’s fine and that we’re hitting it off well enough, but I just don’t know if I should be talking to her every day before the second date. I mean we can’t really talk during the day cause we’re both working and she started a new job she has intense orientation for, but if I do text her she always immediately answers just after work. I just don’t want to be clingy but I also want to keep her interested, and yesterday it was a bit tough to get the convo going but finally had it flowing nicely before we both went to bed. Any advice?

    I mean we meet up Friday night and assuming it goes as well as the first date we might spend some of Saturday together as well.

  16. Been a while since I last dated and only got my 2nd tinder date last week half a year after my last. I essentially looked at what I did wrong last time ( when I managed to get 3 and a half dates) and this time decided to be a bit more cocky etc. Didn’t start well as I missed my train so turned up 20 minutes late but I did something right as woke up in hers the next day.
    Got a second date on Friday so hope that goes all right as well.

  17. I’ll die on this hill: a bottle of rosé in a park + people watching is the best first date.

    Just had a wonderful first date with a obscenely cute girl tonight. Shortly after meeting, I ask if I could kiss her and she said « You can try ». So I went for it, and pulled back pretty quickly to give her some space. When I pulled away I saw her fighting back some tears.

    Turns out she’s just out of a two year relationship (and I was her first kiss since then), so we just had a wonderful night chatting, drinking, making out, and people watching.

    She told me she was going to give me some lame excuse, but she’s glad she didn’t. I HATE putting my eggs in one basket, but I really hope this goes to summer fling territory.

    EDIT: No response yet, my fucking EGGS ahhhhhhh!

  18. Matched with this super cool chick on tinder. We we’re texting back and forth for a few days before I asked her out on a date. We go out on a date on later that week ( we have been texting back and forth for a week). The date seemed to be going really well and the conversation was flowing. It then turns out that her best friends were at the table right next to us the entire time. Which I guess makes sense seeing as people are crazy in 2019. They then invited me back to their place to play some video games. When I get there I find out that there are about 8 other people there. 2 of which are her brothers and then her son. I hung out with everyone and they seemed to like me. When I left she gave me a hug and said she had a good night. This was 3 days ago and she has not responded to any of my text ( I’ve only sent two as I get the hint)

  19. Talking to a girl and in her bio, among other things, she lists “having fun” as a hobby. Am I overanalyzing or is that a blatant euphemism?

  20. Anyone want to explain to me why most of my matches are 21?! (I’m almost 35 with a 14 y/o child) I don’t pay much attention to age when swiping, and I’m new to the Tinder game. If someone’s good looking, I swipe right. Now I have 200 21 year old dudes hitting me up. Is this socially acceptable?or like some kind of mommy issue? I definitely wasn’t after 35 year old dudes at 21.

    So this isn’t a date story, but one of these 21 year olds is actually interesting and we’ve been chatting for over a month. I told him I wasn’t super enthused about the age gap, but hey, screw it. Let’s hang out and see what happens. So the build up goes on for a couple weeks and when the day approaches, he says nothing for 2 days. I’m not a stage 5 clinger, but I took it as second thoughts. Age gap, whatev. So I delete him off snap (where I communicate until I meet someone), at least I thought I did. Then I get a message Monday morning saying his best friends dad died Saturday. Then goes on to say they’ve already had the funeral.
    I’m calling bullshit, because it was “sudden”
    You can’t throw together a funeral that fast.
    Not really sure why I even care.

  21. Had a first date with a dude from Hinge a few days ago. We had drinks during and a decent convo. We met up for dinner tonight for our second date and the convo was **dead.** I thought we mutually sensed it when it got to the point where we were discussing really mundane and boring things. Anwyays, we ask the waitor for the bill and before it comes, he looks me dead in the eye and says « lets split? » and yeah, I was gonna offer but he didn’t even wait for the cheque to come. So I enthusiastically say yes, because clearly the chemistry wasn’t there so fair play lol. First time a guy has been so quick to insist he wants to split the cheque after telling me how shit my pedigree is compared to his?

    Anyways, the weird part of this is that he went in for a kiss. After sending all the usual signals of not being into me like putting me down for a whole hour, shit listener, so little in common, felt like I was pulling strings.. Thankfully, I’m super awkward and dodged it pretty well. But I’m just not sure why he would try to kiss me when it was so obvious that we mutually weren’t feeling it. C’est la vie lol

  22. Ended last week extremely discouraged by my chances of really finding something on this app in my local area. Visited Pittsburgh on Saturday with some friends. Discussed my nonexistent relationships with a few of my matches to my friends. So I opened the app a few times to show them my account, didn’t swipe myself while there. So the morning after getting back home I checked the app out of habit and was trying to clear out cards from my stack that wasn’t really local. Matches from the city are normally 90ish miles away and not a problem since I travel there often. I was looking at people who suddenly 150+ miles away. Well matched with someone in the city visiting from Ohio. Instantly messaging as soon as I got the pop up saying we matched. Absolutely great conversation so far. Fast replies and nothing seems forced the only downfall is we live in two completely different states and there is quite a drive between us. He is super chill about us just talking and if we are still at the start of next month he wants to grab food or something when I am in a city near him for a concert.

  23. Made a post last week about meeting a girl for our 1st date, and really clicked with her.
    Had our 3rd date last night, which I think went really well too. She wants to meet up on Saturday for a 4th date..

    Maybe my luck is finally changing! Fingers crossed.

  24. Last week I found out I was talking to a married man before things happened. This week I was talking to a different man sex happened and then I find out he is married. Yay me! Somehow attracting all the married men on this stupid app.

  25. Met a girl from tinder today who I actually met on there months ago but we never got around to meeting up til now

    Was a pretty fun and had a chill time, will be meeting up in town Saturday night when we’re out with our respective mates 🙂

  26. I went on a second date with the [NYC physician]( from a month ago.

    We went bowling and hiked around a state park, ate at a Peruvian restaurant, and I slept over in his apartment. He showed me pictures of his trip to Machu Picchu before we went to sleep. Somewhere along this date I realized that I just couldn’t see myself in a long-term relationship with him. We didn’t really have any common interests or hobbies, and I struggled to find things to chat about with him.

    He also seemed borderline alcoholic. He told me he only drinks because his friends do, but even after I told him I don’t drink much he insisted on ordering alcohol everywhere we went. And his Machu Picchu trip also consisted of several days of wine tasting and « getting smashed ». I’m just not into that.

    He sent a chaser text last night hoping to see me soon with the kissy face emoji. I thanked him for his time and let him know we’re not compatible for a relationship. It’s over.

    Deleted tinder for now, I need a few weeks of peace

  27. Yeah ok, .

    99+ likes, swipe endlessly and match no one.

    At one point I had about 60 matches, not a single date came out of it. Either they want pal buddies, they unmatch / get suspicious when I straight forward ask for meeting up (Yeah, i’m done texting tinder matches for more then a week, it’s bad enough with girls being able to select out of a pool of hundreds and convo’s on tinder is just inviting them back to that pool of people) or the convo’s drop dead.


    3 girls gave me their number, then started postponing dates to the point they no longer replied back.
    2 girls agreed on a date, both canceled a few days before the date would take place

    I reply to people within a day or two, sometimes longer. If I sense she’s intrested about something I tend to reply faster.

    I have no game, i’m fucking aware. I’m not a playboy and I don’t approach all of my matches with just the intention of getting laid. I already learned to be more optimistic, humorish and confident in my convo’s. But none of that shit actually helps you when you’re met with dead and dry responses. Not much more I can do.

    Some of you might have read my last post:


    Guess what, most of you were right. She didn’t feel it, wasn’t looking for anything serious but somehow I put her off.
    She canceled our next meet up and i’m back to square one.


    The only thing this app is doing to me now is feed my uncertainty, frustration & jalousy.

    Uncertainty because mathces treat you like you’re a backup option, frustration because at a certain point you realise these matches are treating you like a backup option, jalousy because you never get treated like you matter to them.

    I’ve been seeking professional help. I used to reflect these 3 awfull traits back to the girls I talked with. That was a recipe for disaster. Ive been hitting the gym for a full year too, and made great physical improvements. I was hoping half a year after my breakdown this would at least give me some positive results.

    Part of me wants to delete this goddamn app and just call it a day, but tinder tends to be more active during summer time and perhaps I should just bite through this and eventually someone will show up who’s actually keen on meeting up in person without having to spill out my entire life on text first.


  28. I (23f) matched with a (24m) almost 2 weeks ago, he opens the conversation saying that the only reason LOTR is better than Star Wars is because the new ones suck, awesome that he actually read my bio and had something cool to say about it! We’re hitting it off, basically non-stop talking for over a week. We both mention that we’re incredibly shy and aren’t looking for hook ups so the good company is nice for a change. We flirted heavily quite a bit also, talked about our kinks and so on, were on the same boat for a lot of things and were very open and honest with each other. Never made plans to meet and I didn’t have the guts to ask for his number because things were going well and with both of us being so shy I didn’t want to push anything.

    That was a huge mistake, should have just gone for it and made a move. The last 2 days we talked the conversations just fell short, he got busy but also just didn’t seem to want to talk anymore. (Mind you when conversations were going great neither of us would take more than 2 hours to respond). During one of our conversations we talked about how both of us had been ghosted multiple times and how much it sucked, so it was super disheartening to wake up one day to find he had unmatched me. Would have been nice to get a reason or even just a « hey, your company has been great but I don’t see this going anywhere », but this is Tinder so what did I expect.

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