Tinder : Story Time – Week of June 24, 2019

Tinder : Story Time – Week of June 24, 2019

Feel free to use this thread to discuss all of your Tinder dates from the past week.

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  1. So i matched with C through hinge on sat the 22nd, didn’t talk much just complimented her lipstick and she said she liked the color of my bike. She fell asleep mid convo then next day says good morning and asks if i want to snap or text so we start texting.

    So tuesday She tells me shes at work and what she does, i put together that she probably works with a former tinder match who friendzoned me and we talk about how she thought i was too nice. C asks me if I’m too nice and i ask her to define that. She lista a bunch or nice guy shit and i tell her no i dont do any of that beta stuff and probably have too much confidence if anything. So the next thing she says is « sex. what are your thoughts? »

    I do my best to be sexy but I’m awkward as fuck and it ends with me telling her she should have me over after work. She says something like this confidence is sexy.
    She gets home hella late and then says she’s too tired and cancels on me.

    She felt bad (wednesday) and wanted to come over after work, working late again. So i desperation clean my house in preparation, she gets home to change before coming over and asks if i can go to her place instead. I oblige and go over.

    She’s got a roommate with a 10yr old daughter that she doesn’t want grief from so i had to wait until midnight to be snuck in.

    We kinda awkwardly say hi and she grabs glasses for the wine i brought. We tip toe to her room and i ask her to tell me about herself because « all i know is your name, where you work, your favorite color and that you’re hot as fuck » she says dont be cheesy and we laugh and bullshit for a while then kissed a little.

    Went back to talking for a while and went for a kiss again and she tongued hard so went down on her and smashed until 330 then got kicked out so she could sleep.

    Cool chick, hope it turns into a regular thing.

  2. (m24) Just got a date last night with a girl i was hardchatting since 1 week. It went pretty cool i think, but at some point some friends of my ex just sit near to us in the bar (like 1m) and started speaking about her being self destructive atm, and i had an hardtime focusing on my conv with them speaking so loudly and about things i don’t want to hear anymore. It was really inconfortable for me so i asked her if she wanna go for a little walk so we moved on. I was troubled and i think she felt it so i explained the thing, she was comprehensive but it killed a bit the vibe of the date. We talked 30min then i said goodbye.


    I messaged her after asking if she was home and telling her i had good date and i wanted to meet her again. She agreed and said goodnight. I want to try another saturday night, when do you think i should ask her, and if you have any advice in general, thx 🙂

  3. I met someone who I thought I hit it off very well with. Two dates in and it’s going quite well. On the third date, he stood me up and didn’t contact me until around midnight, offering the classic excuse about how his phone ran out of battery. The next day, he says he won’t have any time the following week.

    I ask him about his intentions, first subtly but then quite straightforward. He says something akin to « Yes I’m still interested but you’re getting annoying. » I’ve only sent 5 messages over 2 days, and he’s horrible about replying too. I apologize but he hasn’t contacted me since.

    Is he just not interested or am I legitimately being annoying?

  4. so it turns out that the girl from my last update used to hook up (possibly still does) with a committed guy, and she didn’t seem too pleased when I said I felt uncomfortable about that. so we ended things. felt bad for a bit but I don’t think I would want to keep seeing someone like that. also texted a nb-identifying person I matched with a day or two ago and went over to their place and hooked up. their apartment didn’t have curtains so anyone across the street looking our way could have seen us getting it on lol, but obviously that didn’t stop us. may possibly hook up with them again since it went well. would be nice to make a consistent female fwb too … the grind goes on, I guess.

  5. What’s everyone’s take on the guy dropping his number if the convo is going well and being like text me instead of asking for the girl’s numbers?

  6. Had a date with an awesome girl, pastry chef/ dominatrix. Typical. Super cool had a lot of fun. There was a lot of texting before and after. She kissed me and made plans to see me the next day. Texted then blocked me. Wtf

  7. I matched with a girl, and she told me that her boyfriend wants her to fuck other guys while he is watching.
    She then proceeded to tell me that I would habe to get tied up and she will fuck me till I come.
    Also she doesn’t want to use a condom and she is not taking the pill or any form of birth control, because she wants to get pregnant in front of her boyfriend and later abort the child…

  8. I asked my bumble match if she’d like to meet up again and she said yes, but it’d be just as friends. This usually doesn’t bother me but the fact that this happens every time makes me think I’m doing something wrong rather than us just not clicking. All my first dates in the past felt really fun and ended on good terms, but now I’m worrying that I’ve been missing something the whole time. I’ve always thought general advice is to « be yourself » but now I’m starting to think that « myself » isn’t working and need to take a different approach. I’d like to think that maybe I’ve just had a bad streak and have yet to meet the right person, or maybe there *is* something wrong with me and I just haven’t noticed.

  9. I met a girl on tinder last night and she wants to fuck me in her car tonight. I’m 19 she’s 23. She’s pretty damn attractive. The problem I am not good at hookups. The last time I tried to hookup with a girl in college I couldn’t get it up, worst feeling ever. Anyone have any tips on how to relax? Or maybe I just shouldn’t go through with this? Need advice asap. It’s been a while since I got laid and it’s not everyday that a hot girl wants to fuck you right away.

  10. Alright let’s do this one last time. I was never bitten by a radioactive spider and for the last 10 years I’ve been living an ordinary life. Im pretty sure you know the rest. Go on dating app, match with girls, go on a date or two, make a few questionable life choices. I mean, I’ve been worse. But after everything I’m still me. There’s only one of me and you’re reading about him.

    Seriously, I got banned from Tinder about 3 weeks ago and I tried to get it back but no luck. So I tried Bumble and man do I not regret it. See on Bumble you will get waaaay less matches, but those who match with you probably are interested in you. Fast forward, I talked to this girl for a couple of weeks and decided to make a date. Where to? The beach, both of our friends thought it was weird but we proved them wrong. Went to the beach really got to know each other.

    Later in the day we head back to her house so we can change maybe grab a bite to eat. I start joking around and ask if this is the part we start making out. Then it’s all PG13 after that. But other than that stuff we have a lot in common and man after that I didn’t even want to leave. I am making Fourth of July plans with her and I honestly want to see if this will go far, she seems like an amazing girl.

    Funny last time I did all this Tinder stuff I was opposed to trying to find an actual girlfriend but this girl, this girl might prove me wrong.

  11. So couple years ago I was single and on tinder matched this beautiful thick singer girl. The chats went pretty wild true WA. And then I got back with my babymomma. 2 years down the road offcourse we didn’t make it work. So single again and on Tinder again just to (on the first day) match a beautiful thin singer girl. You feel the punchline allready……. After a bit the thin singer girl texted me. « I don’t know why but I feel I know you » and I was like nope dunno. Then she said maybe before my GBP. At first I thought someone was joking but then i remembered some of the chats and we hit it off just like 2 years ago and now we need to match those crazy mom and dad schedules. Funny fact I watched her performing on The voice of Holland this year and didn’t have a clue it was she. How’s that for a story.

  12. I just went on my first date after my last breakup (a little less than a month ago) and I was hoping to just kind of go on casual dates for a few months until I’m ready to seriously date again, but I really really like the guy I saw last night. It was honestly the best date I’ve ever been on, and he really likes me too. We both definitely see this turning into something more serious, and I’m actually not scared. I’ve only even been on tinder for a few days and definitely wasn’t expecting to find someone like him for awhile.


    I am 100% over my ex, we only dated like 5 months and he also broke up with me so I’m obviously not gonna be begging him to take me back, I’m just worried if I do start having something more serious with this new guy, the people around me will think of him as a rebound, but that’s not the case at all. I just got some thinking to do!! Like I said, I have no feelings left for my ex and no part of me wants to get back together with him, so I shouldn’t care what other people think but!!! We shall see how this goes

  13. living near a major city and going over two weeks without a new match makes you go crazy. pretty much stale with older matches, and the ones I’m talking to have conflicting schedules so it’s tough to find a good time to meet up. you’d think living near a city would help but truthfully it makes things worse swiping to a majority of girls that are probably waaaay out of my league. need some good luck here people!!

  14. Not really a story, not sure if this belongs here but

    I just opened tinder today to find that I’ve been banned?? No idea, what’s happened. Always had normal pictures & always have normal, kind convos with matches. Haven’t actually even talked to anyone on tinder for at least a few weeks

    This ever happen to anyone else? Just really odd from my perspective

  15. Is anyone regulating Superlike, Boosts, Changing location, order of which being seen? I feel like they are using the same strategy as EA games, and giving the allusion these adders will work.


    I met my current girlfriend on Hinge back in December. I have $$$ so I could afford all the subscriptions, adders on tinder from 2016 to December 2018. At some point the boosts and superlikes seemed less effective.


    I would use every superlike 7 days a week, meaning 35 super likes. In a month I’d probably only get 3 matches from super likes, out of 140 super likes used.


    Along with that, when boost first came out it was once a week, a boost at the right time could yield me 8-10 matches, towards the end I was only getting 1 match per boost.


    I tried every strategy of deleting profiles, using new email addresses/facebook profiles, using different pics constantly changing. I was selectively swiping women I felt I had chances with, not super liking women who were WAY WAY WAY out of my league.


    It only bothers me because my current girlfriend was using tinder the same time I was, we are well within each other search radius, and age range, yet she said she never remembered seeing my profiles at all and she would look and read each profile.

  16. I’ve been on Tinder dates, but never met a girl with the sole intention of hooking up… This girl pretty much begged me to come over last night. Had to put it off until today because of work. She texted me again this morning, so it’s looking like she’s still good to go. It caught me off guard, considering I’m a solid 6 and she’s quite attractive.

    This will probably be the only time I do something like this.

  17. Story time! This time, it‘s more of a horror story.

    So I met this girl about 3-4 weeks ago.
    She was cute and kinky. We met 4 times in total and had (protected) sex every time.

    I liked her but during the last week she was very slow to respond and didn’t want to meet.
    Finally, yesterday we met for a quick chat.

    We sit down and she proceeds to tell me that she just got the results back from an STD Test and she got tested positive for 4 different STDs.
    She also slept with 3 different men since we met. She claimed to have used protection all the time… not sure if I believe her though.

    Luckily those STDs are all treatable and not really dangerous.

    Did some tests too, waiting for my results now! Unpleasant story!

  18. I don’t understand guys sometimes. I always see on threads regarding online dating about how guys want the girl to message first every once in a while but every single guy that I have sent the first message to has never responded back; like ever. I’m so confused.

  19. Tinder never ceases to amaze me and I’m pretty glad I’m finally learning to not give a fuck and take it seriously, it’s done wonders to my head. It took a while for me to do this, but I’m getting better at it lmao.

    This one girl, who I’ve matched with like 5 times.. well I finally said, we’ve matched quite a few times now, let’s grab a drink. She was quite thrilled, got her number and proceeded to have a good conversation, not a long one. Anyways, made plans for the previous Wednesday. I didn’t take her to be the flakey type at all, but she started to take a lot longer to reply. She’d apologize, give a reason. I respond back, etc. This happens three times, so I gave up, deleted her number and unmatched her.
    Same week, was talking to another girl. Had a nice conversation with a few things in common, she was even contributing so that was nice. Ask her out, she says yes. I ask what her schedules like then tells me She works at 5pm practically every day. I respond back, damn, I’m the opposite, no problem though when’s your next day off. She vaguely responds then bam, completely loses interest and ghosts.
    I knew the younger crowd of tinder 18-23 was more than likely to flake and all that stuff. But shit, I didn’t realize it was that brutal. Oh well, I’ve been talking to someone who is a few years older than me.. since about a week ago (from tinder) and it’s going quite well.

  20. (F21) Got tipsy a few months back and upgraded to tinder gold. Scrolled back MONTHS to see everyone who liked me. Matched w/ beautiful man (M23ish) who used to go to my college. Nothing too serious but still see each other when we are both in town (we both travel and work a lot) and talk every day. I can’t say upgrading was a complete waste of time!

  21. I’ve been seeing a guy I matched with on Tinder for a couple months, but we haven’t had a conversation about what we are or where we might be going yet. We’ve already established that we’re not seeing other people. At what point do you have that conversation?

  22. I’ve been going on dates with this girl and seeing her frequently for a little over a month now. I was a little worried I wasn’t ready for something new when we first started seeing each other, but I’m super into this girl now and things have been so much fun for the last month. We actually met on hinge not tinder but she’s been awesome! I get along really well with her friends and roommates and she’s met a couple of mine and likes them too. Last night she brought up the talk about « what are we or where is this going » and we talked it out and we’re both on the same page so now we’re officially dating/exclusive! Not as important to me because I’m more interested in the like mental/emotional side of the relationship, but she’s also been the best sex I’ve had thus far so that’s an awesome bonus lol

  23. Hey Tinder, need some advice.

    A guy I matched with a year a half ago suddenly texted me. He is in the military and had broken it off and ghosted me after three dates when he mentioned he was getting moved to OK for training.

    Now he’s back and on his second day in town hits me up. I’m skeptical and insulted, and no matter how much he is saying that he missed me, well, he could have texted me while he was gone, right?

  24. My last week…

    I’m M/29 I could say I’m around 7.5? but I’m good at talking and I dress ok

    1) Tuesday. Second date with super hot Finnish girl (24yo 9?). She’s the king of crazy hot, and I discovered she’s crazier than I thought. She told me some very disturbing things about her past and behaviour and she ghosted me after the date… Only made out a few times

    2) Thursday. Irish girl (25yo 7.5) Had a nice dinner but she was not the most expressive kind. Plus… she didn’t even offer to pay for ANYTHING for the whole night which is a huge no-no for me. Made some remarks about it too… She hugged me goodbye at the end…

    3) Friday. Met with a very nice girl (24yo 6.5?) with a great personality. Cute and girlfriend material. The only problem is that i’m recently out of a long relationship and I don’t want commitment this soon… We had the perfect first date, drinks, dinner, and we went back to my place for « netflix ». Had sex (5 minutes after she told me we weren’t) and she said it was 2 years since she last had « anything », and she only had it with their two long-time boyfriends). She recently sent me an audio saying that she met again with her ex and…. I haven’t seen her since.

    4) Saturday. The most amazing Tinder date so far…. This 26yo girl super-liked me. She looked incredibly hot (9?) and for a week we barely talked. Agreed to meet me the previous week but ghosted me after setting the date. She re-contacted me when she noticed I deleted her from my contacts.

    We re-planned to meet in my city (we barely even talked on whatsapp, I prefer to leave most for the real meetup) at 0.30am on a Saturday. She didn’t show up… instead pushing it to 1.30…2…. then told me she needed to take a friend to the airport at 3 am? Every bar in the area was gonna be closed by then, so I « suggested » to come directly to my place.

    So… she drove to my place at exactly 4.00 am, without much talk beforehand (we didn’t even had dirty talk on text) Despite being a bit awkwards at first… I had the most amazing sex of my life (twice). Went to sleep at 7. Woke up at 10 and she went to work (flight attendand). She wants to meet again soon.

    For these week I have 2 new dates planned (danish and dutch) plus repeating with 3 and 4 if possible

  25. Nate update!

    Last week I reported that I’d broken it off with everyone. Since then, someone resurfaced, and I’ve met someone new.

    [Ponch]( came back into the picture, maybe she was never really out. It’s been over a month since our first date, and I’ve been thinking a second one won’t happen. I decided not to push it. And then yesterday she messaged me and asked me when I’m free. She’s apparently been going through some heavy shit. She had surgery, and she is sidelined for the summer – she’s a sponsored athlete, and apparently kind of a big deal in her sport. Being stuck inside all summer has her super bummed. She eventually did reach out, though, and we’ll see each other next week.

    I had a date last week with another sponsored athlete, weird, right? Anyway, this chick is a redditor, so I probably shouldn’t go into too much detail! Met her on Tinder, struck up a convo, she’s just my type. Nerdy, into sci-fi, hot blonde, former model, athletic body. So… she’s married. In an open marriage. He has girlfriends, she has boyfriends. Since I’m not looking to be tied down right now, this seems like a pretty good fit for me.

    With that disclaimer out of the way, we decided to meet for a drink. A drink turned into a long conversation, and a visit to my place. We clicked beautifully. It was a really hot night. I hope to keep it in my memory as long as I can… and have as many re-enactments as possible. Eventually her husband called, and she had to go home… definitely the first time one of my dates has ended that way! I’m seeing her again this weekend. Super curious about the arrangement she and her husband have – she said it « works for them. »

    Hey girl – it works for me, too.

    That’s it, talking to a few others, ghosted by a few as usual.

  26. What a turn of events. Last week i couldnt get past the first few messages without convo dying. now ive got three dates lined up this week and am trying hard to get a fourth

  27. Matched with a girl who moved to the area with a friend of hers. I asked the girl out for dinner but she asked if her friend could tag along.
    Not sure if I wanna do this via the last time I did this, both chicks were only into each other and it was like I was their Butler or something.
    Haven’t had much luck recently so kinda don’t wanna loose what’s in my hand. What’s the protocol?

  28. I went on a date with a guy, who was conventionally attractive and also very progressive/hipster and seemed “anti gender norms”. Though I liked his vibe a lot I’m just more of a traditional girl and I don’t think it would work for me. Although we had really good conversation. I’ll have to let him down gently. I’m also kinky and I seriously doubt he is into that stuff by my initial impression of him. In some ways I liked his perspective but it’s not what I’m attracted to normally..

    I’m still having a hard time getting over my ex and I get panicky if anyone so much as tries to hold my hand. This guy was very respectful tho which I appreciated. At least I’m trying. At some point i’ll have to be interested in someone and forget about that. It feels odd to be SO slow, but also caring to myself to ease into things at my own pace.

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