Dating : Online dating as male

Dating : Online dating as male

Recently I had a first date with a girl and we talked how shoked she is, when it comes to the easiness of getting dates online and how mad some guys are trying to score high.

So I‘m guilty for creating a female profile after that, just to look how it is for a girl. I didn’t use over the top images, but one hour after, this profile had 300 visits and 194 likes. Distance was no problem for them as well. It didn’t matter if they lived just 1 mile or 400 miles away. Some of the dudes really looked menacing – even as a guy I wouldn‘t want to have anything to do with them. The messages I received were all boring, obviously copy-pasted or disgusting.

And when I scrolled through the endless wall of close by male profiles, I saw my own real profile just among those thirsty guys. It was like a shock to me, being part of this mostly slavering male community. This was the very moment, when I realized, that I don‘t want this anymore, but still I get all of my dates online, as I never was couraged enough to ask someone out in real life. I‘m torn between decisions.

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  1. > as I never was couraged enough to ask someone out in real life

    Yeah well … Either you step up to the plate or ?


    I mean, what can happen if you ask someone out in real life. They say no and the world ends?

  2. Oh yeah. Online dating has polar opposites when it comes to men and women. In general, women get their pick of the litter and an army of thirsty men to chose from while men typically have to treat the online dating scene like a full time job in order to get any decent results.

  3. lol. Man I walk into a bar and a cute girl smiles at me. It’s unfortunate that I don’t pick up women in bars. When you stand out from the masses it’s easy to get attention. The PROBLEM is all of these fuckbois, white knighters, and desperate incels that are showering women with attention – they get used to that and I’m like « nah, let’s meet ». This cuts out 50% of my matches, so I make it up on bulk.

    Modern dating is bs but the flip side is a lot of these women will get old and have nothing. That’s what happens when you ho your whole 20s and most of your 30s. Unfortunately those same guys fucking up the game will step in like it’s « finally their turn ». No dude, she still sleeps with me whenever I want it – I just don’t fucking want it.

  4. What is an average looking guy supposed to actually do though? Even the really ugly women don’t want anything to do with them in OLD.

  5. This is why I ignore men that inbox me and only message back men that I sent the first message to that actually put effort into their profiles and are not overweight.

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