Tinder : Taking a poll: What is your tinder match “body count” too date?

Tinder : Taking a poll: What is your tinder match “body count” too date?

I have deleted tinder four times, usually right around the 500 mark. I created a new one about four months ago and I’m about to hit 400 matches.

I’m not bragging, seeing how I don’t have a girlfriend after all that bs.. lol but just curious how many matches everyone has and how long have you had the app?

By. Stark_Warg

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  1. I’ve probably got about 50 in a month. Take out half of those for girls who don’t respond. Another 10 for fakes. Yeah 15 seems about right. But my like to match ratio is literally 1% or less. I just smash Dat like button till I run out of people.

  2. After having tinder on and off for over four years and having 305 matches (+/- some unmatching), I’ve had only several meaningful/interesting convos, very few of which lasted more than a day. Two of them led into dates, and one resulted in a nice relationship that just recently ended because of graduating and not wanting to do long distance. We’re still great friends and keep in touch.

    Other than that, there’s *a lot* of non-response. Also most of my matches were too far away to do anything with (>30 mi).

  3. I got like 30 matches on hinge and banged 2 and I’ve been with one of those two for 3 months and I love her to bits. I could have much more but I fell in love like an idiot!

  4. Around 6 months at this point, maybe close to 200 matches in total through 4 accounts.

    It WOULD be way higher but I decided like a dumbass to take advice from this sub about what to put on my profile. I’ve got a 6 pack and am decently fit but people said « Don’t put shirtless pics up, makes u look like a douchebag » about a month ago I said fuck it and put one up and have like 3x the matches now. Still nothing impressive but I realized that most people on here giving advice are insecure dudes & girls don’t actually want what they say they want.

  5. I got about 9. Had the app only for a few days. One of em was about to turn into a meetup after discussing one the best Nick shows of all things, but thats becoming a nope. Others just didn’t reply or just unmatched after swiping them back, so technically only one match.

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