Tinder : The Algorithm At Work

Tinder : The Algorithm At Work

So I recently got a chance to see Tinder’s algorithm doing what it does best. A few days ago, one of my close friends (a girl who’s fairly attractive) came across my Tinder profile and superliked it. She was just doing it to ‘say hi’ or whatever, but I noticed that after that I started getting a lot more matched from girls I superliked and liked normally. I figure that since my friend is really popular (like 1000+ matches) her superliking me did something to the algorithm that means the people I superliked actually got to see me.

Food for thought. Basically, if you get liked by one person with a high ‘score’ your own ranking will go up, letting more people see and like you, which further increases your ranking. It’s a snowball effect.

By. MadHopper

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  1. You have a girl close to you and you are still searching for a lady on tinder? why not ask her out and if didnt work out, then go for tinder girls . Just saying.

  2. So what you’re saying is we need an army of Tinderbros to make a catfish profiles, get lots of matches and then superlike any other Tinderbros that mention a keyphrase in their profile?
    « Made it to the frontpage of r/Tinder once »

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