Dating : What are your preferred dating apps?

Dating : What are your preferred dating apps?

I’m a 34/m in New Jersey, back in the dating scene. I’m on a bunch mostly just so I’m out there, despite that I really don’t use most. What do you all prefer? Are there any that you think are worth paying for?

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  1. Tinder has and will always be the best fit for me. I haven’t cracked any code or ever paid to use the app but its proven time and again to be much better than all the other apps I have. Don’t get me wrong, I still use the others and run into some of the same people, lol. Tinder just get me more matches, and more of what I am looking for than anything else out there.


    I don’t think any dating app is worth paying for if you know what you are doing. I see pretty crappy photos on a regular basis and my boys think if they pay their chances will increase…I hate to break it to them sometimes..

  2. I like Hinge!

    Tinder: most people assumed I’d be DTF and it really wasn’t my thing… Not mention all the fake profiles and catfishes.

    Bumble: a little classier than tinder but i personally don’t like having only 24 hours to message a match

    Coffee Meets Bagel: my least favorite… It takes you so fucking long to get coffee beans needed JUST TO SWIPE

    Hinge: I liked it, it was classier than above and actually got to answer questions that my potential matches could talk to me about.

    Websites/money paying sites: don’t. Not worth it. (Most of them at least.)

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