Tinder : Weekly story time thread

Tinder : Weekly story time thread

Feel free to use this thread to discuss all of your Tinder dates from the past week.

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  1. My Tinder is my most dead of all the OLD apps, but I ended up getting a match 3 weeks ago with someone I actually matched with a year or so ago and lost via the usual rounds of resets. She’s « not bad » looking but is for sure a weeb and into PC gaming so we take those whenever possible.

    I did try to get us to meet but she’s being extra with Covid and she generically said « No cap but I’m busy this week LOL » when I asked to meet up in a pretty covid safe manner so I took that as she’s bullshittin’ and kind of just accepted it’s not gonna happen. We had some fun conversation that died in within a week and stayed dead for the next week so I figured that was it, but she just messaged me today at 5am asking if I drink and internally I’m like ??? is this gonna bounce back out of nowhere? Considering the time of the message and the potential premise of a girl using me for drinks, I’m gonna tread lightly. Would be cool if we met up and held hands or some shit. That’d be worth at this point.

  2. I don’t understand why women match then just don’t reply. It’s been over a week since I sent the 4 matches I have a message. It’s so fucking frustrating. I just don’t fucking get it

  3. will not be using OLD until i have all fresh pictures. but subconsciously i’m hoping to never have to go back and meet someone in the wild

    oh looks like my fwb is starting to catch feelings. she’s been way more affectionate than usual and asking me personal questions post coitus. not sure what to make of that

    on an unrelated note, taking a week off work next week to go on vacation. will be going to the mountains. looking forward to disconnect from the world

  4. Can someone help with this?

    I’ve been getting 4 matches, but for some reason it doesn’t show up when I get a like? It’s weird because I thought you would get likes first, then if you swiped right then you’d get that person, but I got a couple match without any likes?

  5. Setup 2 dates since I started going out again after covid (yeah don’t get a lot).

    Both flaked.

    Sucks. Gonna have an extra drink at my now solo dinner (I’m hungry).

  6. This happened Friday and it was me and this girls (M) third date together. So the week leading up to it we joked about getting married and it lead to let’s do a fake proposal at dinner. She agreed so I made reservations at a nice upscale Italian restaurant/winery and mark “special occasion “ in the reservation. We get there we’re checking in the hostess is curious “oo what’s the special occasion tonight?” While trying to hold it together I go “oh just a date night” we sit down I tell M hey I’ll be right back I’m gonna give the box to the hostess. I explain what’s going on to the hostess she’s ecstatic can’t believe she’s going to witness this so full of joy she agrees she’s like “ok I’ll tell your server when you say the phrase to bring out 2 glasses of champagne and the ring.” (While telling her this people in line are pointing at the box murmuring oh that’s so sweet and what not). Finally we get to the end of dinner and she goes to the bathroom at this point the entire waitstaff know what’s about to happen I’ve never seen a table cleared so fast there were like 5 people taking the plates and food away! This is where it gets good the waiter brings out the champagne glasses but forgot the ring! Comes back to our table and goes sorry wrong table then a few seconds later comes back with the ring and the same glasses as he’s putting them down he spills on her! I muster up the courage start talking get on one knee she says yes of course, I stand up we kiss and everyone starts clapping and cheering (I have a video for proof). Then people just keep coming up to us to congratulate us ask to see the ring some people are like that’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen in so long the waiters, hostess and even the owner come up and congratulate us and thank us for choosing their restaurant.

    But it doesn’t end there we go to meet up with some friends at a club and we go to the bathroom when we first get there and she comes out before
    Me and I see her talking to this dude. As I’m turning the corner she goes “omg babe there you are!” Turns to the guy and goes “we just got engaged!” Showing off her ring. The guy gets so embarrassed he’s like “oh shit dude that’s so my bad I was totally hitting on her but you know what let me go buy you guys some drinks to celebrate!” And counties to tell us his life story.

    So if you ever want to have a really fun date I promise do a fake proposal and try to milk. Yes I know it’s a lie but no one at the restaurant knows and now they have a story they’ll be talking about for weeks when they go out with friends.

  7. Not much of a story but I matched with a girl and she asked for my number 2 messages in. I realize it’s a bot and tell it I’m not comfortable with that so she asks “wat do u use”. I said let’s just chat here and next thing I know she unmatched. Didn’t get to report it.

    But hey, at least I got a match.

  8. So this happened quite a while back but my mind keeps coming back to it, spooky coincidence.

    Was in Istanbul for 2 weeks and one day opened tinder – had a match and chat with a local girl but convo died quick.

    Next day went to do some work at Starbucks in the city centre, sitting in front of the rest rooms. Girl comes out and freezes staring at me – asks my name and yep you guessed it – it’s the same and only chick I had convo with on Tinder.

    We went from there to have a lunch and had good time that afternoon walking around the city, never to be seen again as I left the following day.

  9. Matched again with a girl I had pretty good conversation with couple months ago. She even said she remembered me and was excited that we matched. Got her number right before she went on vacation for the weekend. Figured I’d wait until she got back to set something up for a date. She gets back I text her asking when she is free. No response, four days later I text again saying I was a little confused as I thought she was excited to meet me. She replies within minutes saying she definitely wants to meet and would love to see me this weekend. So I make plans for Friday dinner date at a new restaurant/bar I’ve heard good things about. Never got a reply confirmation about the plans. First time I’ve been ghosted. Do I keep pursing?

  10. Remade my account two months ago and haven’t had much luck. I managed to match with two girls but I didn’t find them attractive. I know I’d do better if I had better pics but it’s a pain having to find a place/ have a good outfit. Maybe I should lower my standards. Just felt like venting

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